Mandatory Weapon for Rafael Free Fire Characters, Sharp Assassins for FF!

Free Fire is a battle royale game published by Garena for several regions including Southeast Asia and Indonesia. As a battle royal game with a very busy market, it is quite interesting to see that Free Fire is able to survive and also remains busy in the market. This is of course thanks to the many innovations and features offered by Free Fire. One of the characters we will talk about is Rafael. Well, this time we will discuss the Mandatory Weapon of the Rafael Free Fire Character during ff battle.

Rafael is a free fire character who is very deadly and is used quite often when playing solo. The reason is because this character can be invisible on the minimap under any circumstances. Very strong because with this the enemy will often be careless or easily fooled.

Apart from character, there are also things that are quite important, namely weapons. With the right combination of characters and weapons, of course you will greatly benefit. Either using the best combination or experimenting, you can certainly use it.

Here we will provide a mandatory weapon for Rafael in Free Fire. This weapon choice is a very powerful weapon and is most suitable for you to use. It will make your game easier, of course, which you can use later when playing.


Being able to get rid of the minimap effect which can make it roughly “invisible” is very beneficial indeed. The shooting effect that usually shows the shooters on the minimap will be ineffective for Rafael because he does have the skills to cover this up.

By using several of these weapons, Rafael certainly benefited greatly. This is because Rafael can shoot very safely without your opponent knowing the location of him, you can use it as much as possible, of course, is an advantage for you.


AWM is the deadliest weapon in Free Fire. Very deadly, it can even kill an enemy in one shot, making this weapon a favorite of many players. But the thing is the AWM has a very high sound if it doesn’t use a silencer. In addition, AWM and its users are very vulnerable if they miss because on the minimap you will be seen easily and fought back.

By using Rafael, AWM can certainly be the best choice. Rafael’s skill that can remove the mini map effect is very valuable in this weapon. Even you can kill your opponent easily without moving and getting caught.


SKS is similar to AWM where the very disadvantage is not using a silencer. On the minimap you will be very clear and easy to fight back. Even though it has very high damage and good RoF, this weapon is very risky because it is not effective against players who can fight back.

With Rafael’s skills, players can play more comfortably. Even you can use SKS like a spam weapon without hesitation. With the loss of the minimap effect, Rafael can become a very dangerous character and can continue shooting at his opponent.


AK is a very versatile AR and can be said to be one of the best AR that you can use. This weapon is very strong with high damage and also a good range. Unfortunately this weapon, apart from being difficult to control, also has a distinctively high sound. Can be easily seen on the minimap can be used by Rafael.

Rafael can remove the minimap effect which is very useful because he can take advantage of this AK weapon.

That’s the best weapon for Rafael in Free Fire. These weapons are indeed very deadly and can be used by Rafael and his skills which are very meaningful and deadly.