Meaning of TB in Mobile Legends, Tank Users Must Know!

Mobile Legends is a MOBA game that has many terms in the game. For those of you who are players, you must often hear the term TB, right? Then what is the meaning of TB in Mobile Legends, this time my Esports will give an explanation.

The term TB itself usually comes out of the core players who usually provide assistance to tank heroes. In this case, it is a defense combination so that the core hero is safe in the match. Now the tank’s task is to TB the core hero so that it is safe from enemy attacks.

The term TB often appears in every Mobile Legends match, be it in Classic mode or Ranked mode. Not only that, TB is also used in various Mobile Legends tournament competitions.

Especially for those of you who are Tanker users, you should know the meaning of TB in Mobile Legends, because TB itself is specifically for Tanker users so that they can receive the help of the hero core for Tanker players. So what does TB mean in Mobile Legends?

Esportsku this time will provide an explanation of the meaning of TB in Mobile Legends, as well as what you should do if your teammates tell you to do TB, here are the best explanations and tips for you to do.

What is the Meaning of TB in Mobile Legends?

TB Mobile Legends is an abbreviation of the word Resistance, here you have to keep the player who asks you to do TB, by advancing to the front line up and putting up your body to receive all attacks from your opponent.

The word TB often comes out of the Core user who asks for Cover on the Tank user hero so that he is safe from every attack from the opponent. Then for Tank users themselves allow themselves to receive all attacks from these opponents.

The term TB itself can only be applied to tank users. For example, if you are a marksman, fighter, or mage, you can give a cheat to a player who uses the Tank hero with the word TB. Then the Tank user will automatically protect you and advance to the front lines to accompany you in attacking.

What Should You Do When Players Request TB?

The meaning of TB in Mobile Legends

For those of you tank users who are asked to do TB, you are obliged to prepare to attack while protecting the hero core. User tanks themselves must be ready to initiate, open war and others.

Make sure you are alert and on the front lines when your teammates ask for TB. But the tank user must also pay attention that he must be really ready for TB.

Some things that must be considered include starting the ultimate skill that must be ready to use, battle spells that are active at any time, your cellphone which must be full and other problems. If not, undo your intention to do TB and you should fill up your cellphone and recall first.

So, do you understand what the meaning of TB is in Mobile Legends? That’s all we can say this time. Hopefully the above reviews can be understood by those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers. Hopefully useful and see you!