Mid Lane Wild Rift, What To Do?

Mid lane Wild Rift, what to do? Wild Rift is the same as other common moba in Pasarang which has 3 lanes. Top lane commonly called Baron lane, mid lane and safe lane. One of the hardest lanes in Wild Rift is the mid lane because it requires fairly high skill.

Unlike the top lane or safe lane, mid lane is a lane that might feel different. Compared to other lanes, the mid lane is somewhat more active. The reason is because playing in the mid lane you have to do all the responses such as roaming, ganking, and invading. But don’t forget to also farm to increase your net worth.

Unlike other mobas, the mid lane is very flexible. You can play in the midlane using a fairly broad role. You can play as an assassin, mage, and others. The most important thing is that you have a way to help your team members smoothly.

Here, let’s talk about the Wild Rift mid lane. For moba players like AoV, they usually have no trouble because they have the same basis. Both games are under the Tencent company umbrella. But for others, calm down because we will provide tips on this mid lane.

Determine the Type of Champion Mid Lane You Use

For mid lane, there are many choices of champions that you can use. Generally, in choosing a mid lane hero, mage and assassin are very suitable for use. In addition, the mid lane hero will be further divided into three parts, namely the type of damage. Choose between CC, burst, or DPS heroes in champion selection.

Control your Creep Wave

This is probably the hardest thing for you to do in the mid. Many players cannot smoothly and perfectly adjust their wave creep. Things like freezing, shoving, baiting, denying, and more. This is because you don’t see these tricks so often at the lower ranks. Keep practicing your macro skills.

Don’t Forget Roam

Champion Mid Laner Recommendations For Wild Rift Beginners

Roaming is very important for midlaners. Midlaner is an important role because of their job in controlling the game. Roaming is a tool that can help you in this task. Help your safe lane by roaming and ganking as well as helping junglers sweep the map.

Read Map, Calculate Enemy Jungle Movement

One more macro skill that you have to pay attention to when playing the midlaner. Usually in doing this you will be assisted by your jungler or support. Always read the movements and predict the position of the opponent’s jungler. This is very helpful in knowing the ganking and roaming of the enemy team.

You Will Often Work With Your Jungler

The deadly duo that you must understand are the mid laner and jungler. Both of them must move very compactly in controlling the map. The most frequent and mandatory thing for you to do is invade jungle and also ganking. Invade jungle is very important to turn off the opponent’s farm in the jungle and gank to damage the opponent’s lane.

Mid lane role is indeed not an easy thing considering it is quite difficult to do. The reason is because the mid laner’s duties are quite a lot, if he is just a little behind it will be difficult to catch up.

Mid lane Wild Rift is indeed not an easy lane for you to occupy. But take it easy with practice and get used to it so it won’t be difficult anymore this lane for you to play.

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