ML is more expensive, what is the Starlight Plus member of Mobile Legends?

In the mobile legends game, you can become a starlight member to get interesting items. Here are some interesting things to review regarding the difference in prices from ordinary Starlight members in Mobile Legends and starlight members plus? What’s the difference, then what to buy?

Starlight member has two versions that you can buy, but the problem is that the price of both of them is almost double, you know. Maybe many think, it’s better to buy a normal Starlight Member, after all, the rest can buy another Starlight member next month.

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To get your own Starlight member, you can buy it at a price of 440 Diamond for Starlight Member Ordinary and 880 Diamond for Starlight Member Plus.

The price is significant, right? So are ordinary Starligt members enough? So what are the things that make the plus version up to 2x more expensive? Is it necessary?

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The difference between Starlight Member and Starlight Member Plus

Purchasing a Starlight Member you have to consider carefully, rather than issuing more diamonds, but the results will still be the same as buying the regular version. So because of that, you must know, the difference between the two Starlight Members.

If you don’t consider and observe carefully, surely you will immediately buy Starlight Member Plus with the lure of prizes of up to 6000 doamonds, right?

However, you should know, these prizes can still be obtained by purchasing an ordinary Starlight Member.

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What are the benefits of being a Plus Member of Mobile Legends?

If you talk about privileges, as much as what is offered to ordinary Starlight Members is the same, you can get all the items offered by Moonton to the Starlight Member.

Only one, you have to take longer to level up one by one.

But it doesn’t matter if you are an active player in the Mobile Legends game. It feels like getting prizes to the maximum level is not a big obstacle for you. That way, you can save up to half Diamonds and are ready to buy a new Starlight Member next month.

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After all, what this Starlight Member is looking for is none other than the Starlight Limited Skin, right?

However, if you are a Sultan player, and it’s okay to pay for Starlight Member Plus it feels fine. That way, you can get level 29 automatically, more things that can help you to climb the level easily without having to play extra.

In conclusion, buying Starlight Member Plus is fine for you Sultan players and want to quickly get the best items on the Starlight Pass. But you can also get this with just ordinary Starlight, it’s just that, you have to be extra in raising that level.