ML Tips and Tricks for Playing Popol and Kupa in Mobile Legends 2020

Popol and Kupa are heroes that will soon be coming to the main Mobile Legends client. This hero can actually be played on the test server by several people and we are here to provide some tips and tricks that you can use when playing Popol and Kupa.

Popol is a mobile legends marksman hero who has a pet named Kupa. This hero has painful damage because you can say you use two heroes at once. A hero who is independent and can use a sick poke, this hero even though a marksman can also use an ulti so that he can be played like a fighter.

If you are curious about using Popol and Kupa, we are here to provide tips and tricks for this hero. Can be played as a mid, sidelane, and also jungle Popol and Kupa are very deadly heroes.


Popol has a wolf pet named Kupa which has pain damage in his S1. Popol’s strength is that when he is on the lane, he can safely get the last hit while using S1 to push enemy heroes with Kupa.

Kupa’s damage is very painful and even more dangerous in the late game, so take advantage of Kupa as a poke and also zoning when it’s 1v1.


Even though he has painful damage, unfortunately Popol doesn’t have a good escape skill. He does have a slow skill in the form of a trap, if you play other moba like AoV Popol, Popol’s skill trap is very similar to Lindis’s trap.

Even though he doesn’t have an escape skill, it’s calm because as long as you don’t get a burst you can fight back. Popol’s Ulti is very useful in this situation because he can transform into a Wolf King like Lycan in Dota2. If there is a hero who dares to approach you, for example, gang, Popol can use skill 2 to attract Kupa and get a shield then press ulti to change. This can benefit Popol because the enemy will fight two heroes at the same time who have high resistance.


Popol is a marksman mobile legends role that greatly benefited from long fights because he has a very strong passive. Every time Kupa’s attack hits an enemy, Popol will get a spirit stack. This spirit stack will increase Popol’s ASPD and can be stacked 5 times.

With high ASPD and also base damage from Kupa, in the late game and long fight this hero will be very deadly.


The thing that really benefits Popol is that this hero has flexible emblems and pain build items. Popol as a marksman can have good range and ASPD thanks to Kupa’s zoning and attacks, but when his ulti is active he will get lots of very strong buffs, and can even become brawler duelits that benefit from a build fighter.

Even though the Popol and Kupa mobile legends build items are ASPD crit, Popol can also use fighter builds such as lifesteal and raw damage.

Those are some tips for using Popol and Kupa in Mobile Legends. This very strong hero is expected to shake the meta in Mobile Legends because he has a very good skill set.

Having a very strong pet, this hero must be feared because when the late game comes, they will be very deadly.


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