Mobile Legends And AoV Banned In India, No Moba?

Mobile Legends and AoV being banned in India are not new news. At that time, when Mobile Legends was banned by the Indian government, many former Ml players eventually migrated to AoV as the second most popular moba in India. However, due to being entangled by a Chinese company, AoV was also banned.

The polemic between the two countries of India and China is very interesting. By doing the mass tire applicator of China, a lot of popular games got into trouble. Call it PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends, and Arena of Valor. These three games, which are giants, must collapse due to bilateral political problems.

But there is one interesting thing. Since the two biggest cars are banned is there a scene for mobile phones in India? Of course, questions like this arise considering that India as a very large contributor to mobile gamers cannot be underestimated in terms of the mobile games market.

Therefore it is interesting for us to discuss about Mobile Legends and AoV being banned in India. As the two moba giants in India who have been banned, of course this is not a good thing. It could be because of this problem that the pro moba scene in India could die, considering that other mobas have almost no pro scene.

ML And AoV Are Banned

Previously, Mobile Legends was indeed banned before AoV. Mobile Legends developed by Moonton, a Shanghai-based company, was banned by the Indian government. The reason India is doing so is because there is a polemic between the two countries. Initially because they questioned the border which eventually continued to peak.

As a game that was also developed by a Chinese company, AoV was finally banned. AoV developed by TiMi, which is a subsidiary of Tencent, has also finally followed in the footsteps of Mobile Legends. These two games are the most popular games in the world which are affected by problems in India because they have something to do with China.

Finally, the question arises about the game to be played, what moba will you play in India? For the PUBG Mobile battle royale it is indeed banned but at least there is still Free Fire that can still be played. Free Fire, which is a game from Singapore, will certainly not be banned.

Moba alternatives in India

The problem in India itself is that there is almost no moba scene except for these two games. Even though there are other moba games, others are considered dead and not as busy as ML and AoV. This of course can mean bad and it is possible that mobile moba players will not be back in the crowd again in India.


Vainglory might get back to the crowd again although that is very unlikely. This game can even take up to 15 minutes just to find players so quiet. Even though it has the best quality in Moba, unfortunately the developers and publishers of this game are very bad, which makes Vainglory not attracting many people anymore.

Marvel Super War

There is a moba which is quite interesting because it uses the MARVEL theme. But it is not clear whether this game can be played by Indian players considering that NetEase, which is the developer of this game, comes from China.

Paladins Strike

Paladins Strike is a spin-off game from Paladins itself, but unfortunately this game is “dead”. You can waste time just looking for a match in this game.

With Mobile Legends and AoV banned in India, of course there won’t be many choices for players from India to play moba. The bilateral polemic between these countries has indeed damaged several esports scenes. Most likely with the Wild Rift, India will have a moba that they can play with.

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