Mobile Legends Epic Showcase Skin Leaks for January 2021 (ML)

Mobile Legends is one of the best MOBA games that you can play right now. Where in this one game there are various events that are presented. One of the events that comes every month is the Epic Showcase. After the arrival of the Jawhead skin in December, the latest leaks for skins The Epic Showcase in January 2021 has also arrived at Mobile Legends. On this occasion, Esportsku will provide a leak for the Epic Showcase skin which will be present in January 2021 in the Mobile Legends game.

Epic Showcase is one of the events that is often present every month in the Mobile Legends game. In this one event, you can get the latest Epic Limited Skin every month and it is one of the events that sultan gamers are eyeing. Not only skins are presented by Moonton, there are Border Avatars, Heroes, and other interesting items that you can get.

Valir Demon Lord, Epic Skin Showcase for January 2021 Mobile Legends

The newest skin that will be present at the Epic Showcase Event in January is the hero Valir. The newest skin is called Demonlord, which previously my Esports has also leaked this skin.

Valir himself is a mage hero who is quite popular and is one of the most widely played heroes in Mobile Legends. You certainly often play Valir, which is a very powerful mage support hero in a team fight.

But unfortunately, Valir has gotten quite a lot of skins at this time. In contrast to his brother, Vale, who only has one skin. Therefore, quite a number of players are debating which skin, why doesn’t Vale get the next Epic Showcase skin.

The appearance of the Epic skin for this Valir hero will of course be very different from other skins. Carrying the Demonlord theme that you can find in various Japanese anime. Of course, will be the target of Wibu people in Mobile Legends.

Price of Skin Valir Demon Lord Epic Showcase Mobile Legends

Regarding the price, of course you definitely have to prepare a high enough budget to get the latest skin for this Valir Demonlord hero. The reason is, you will be able to get this one skin by spending approximately 3000-4000 diamonds. Which, if converted into rupiah, is enough to prepare IDR 800,000-1,000,000.

Even though it is fairly expensive for a game. For you who are Valir users, you certainly won’t miss this latest skin, right ?. Surely the skins that are present at the Epic Showcase are the skins that have the highest caste after Legends in Mobile Legends.

That’s all for the latest leaks for the skins that will be present at the Epic Showcase Event for January 2021 in the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully this review can be useful especially for those of you who are looking forward to the latest skin for the hero Valir. See you later!

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