Most Popular Android Games of April 2020

The outbreak of a pandemic requires us to always stay #DiRumahAja. To get rid of boredom, many people spend it on playing games. Not only console and PC games, many people play on smartphones, now for that, here are the most popular Android games in April 2020.

Various game genres are a favorite choice, not only Battle Royal and MOBA, there are also offline games and brain teasers that can be played.

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Most Popular Android Games of April 2020

So, here are the most popular Android games in April 2020 on the Google Play Store

Worms Zone

In the first row there are the most popular worm games. This one game has been downloaded and played more than 50 million times.

This game is very famous for its very simple gameplay and only has one goal. Namely, you have to eat a lot of food to grow up.

Garena Free Fire

As if shifting the popularity of the PUBG game, Free Fire has become a Battle Royal game with the most players in Indonesia. This one game has been downloaded by more than 100 million Android users.

Free Fire shot up and became the best Battle Royale game today.

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends has been released since 4 years ago. This one game will enliven his birthday this month, you know. The event will be held in Indonesia in the middle of this month.

Mobile Legends has been downloaded and played more than 100 million times by mobile users. That way, Mobile Legends is the best MOBA game today.

Brain Out

A guessing game with useful education, Brain Out has managed to become the fourth popular game with a light graphic treat.

This one game is included in the Puzzle and Education category which is interesting and sharpens the brain.

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Slaps King

Slaps King is a fairly new game but managed to come in fifth. This one game has an Action genre with unique gameplay.

In playing it, you have a goal to become The World Best Slapper as a player who is good at slapping.

Subway Surfers

This game is quite light and is a game that has been around for a long time on the Google Play Store. Subways Surfers has a light gameplay that requires you to keep running as far as possible.

There are various obstacles and coins that you can get. To play it, you only need to do swifts left and right, and jump.

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Ludo King

Ludo King is a Ludo game that you can play with friends. This one game is quite interesting because it is adapted to the Ludo game in general.

You can play up to 4 people and mix the dice alternately. This one game is perfect for playing with friends or family.

So that’s the list of the most popular games in April. So in the list above, what games do you play?