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You need to know that there’s some information about the mystery shop Free Fire to release in January. This can be one of the important thing that every Free Fire players shouldn’t miss right now.

Free Fire is a really popular battle royale mobile game that has millions of active players worldwide. This game has many different features that you can try to use in order to help you win the game easier. Other than that, there’s also many items that you can have to make your character look cooler than the others.

A couple of days ago, you know that the Free Fire x One Punch Man collaboration event is finally available for players to participate into. Which is why, make sure that you participate as well. This can be useful for you to win many different prizes from this huge collaboration event.

Mystery Shop Free Fire (FF) to Release in January

There’s some information that says that the mystery shop in Free Fire will release in January 2021. Mystery shop is one of the monthly event that is coming from Garena. This event usually comes at the end of the month. But in the end, it depends on Garena when they will release this event.

This is one of the most highly anticipated event for every players. Because as we know it, there are many items that is available for you to own from this mystery shop.

The system in this mystery shop in Free Fire is also quite easy to understand. Mystery shop is basically a discount event that has a main prize for certain lucky players. In this event, the discount is also randomized.

The lowest discount might be starting from 30% to 90%. The main prize that you can get from this event is a bundle. It can be a new bundle. Or it can also be an old bundle with a refreshed look. There’s also other items that you can get from this event. You can get things like Elite Pass with a way cheaper prize than normal.

So don’t miss the chance to participate in this mystery shop that is coming soon in the game. Because there are so many discount that you can get by shopping in this shop later on.

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