New Free Fire Game Mode In Advanced Server FF

Garena free fire again presents the latest features of Free fire. Unfortunately, you can’t find this feature on the main server first. But, if you want to try it, you can go to the Advanced FF server which is currently in progress. Garena launched a New Free Fire Game Mode on the Advanced Server FF which you can try as you like for those of you who have already gotten tickets to the Advanced server freee fire.

The Advanced server itself opened its registration from last July to August 3, 2019. Implementation of the Advanced server free fire started on August 6 yesterday, where players can get all the features that Garena Free Fire will launch in the next update.

It is known from the ongoing advanced server that Garena Free Fire will provide these features to celebrate the second anniversary of free fire. This is proven when you enter the lobby, there is a large stage with clowns and DJs ready to entertain you. Where there is written 2nd Anniversary Free Fire.

New Free Fire Game Mode In Advanced Server FF

In this August 2019 Garena Advanced free fire server, you will find a new mode that will allow you to play repeatedly. Yep, on the Advanced server this time, Garena presents a feature that we think is unique. The reason is, free fire that we know so far is a battle royale game that survives among dozens of other players.

The new Free Fire game mode in Advanced Server FF is called the Clash Squad mode. In this mode, you will consist of only 8 people, which are divided into two existing squads. This game is also known as 4vs4. Like Counter-Strike right ?. However, the difference is that the map uses the usual map and there is only a small safe zone to do battle.

When you try the clash squad free fire mode, maybe you will be confused looking for loots of weapons as provisions in your battle. But, take it easy, squad clash mode does not provide loots of weapons that are usually provided on maps.


Unlike the rank mode and classic mode, the Squad clash mode does not provide loot weapons at all. So you don’t have to be surprised, if you don’t find anything. To get weapons you have to collect a lot of virtual money by winning matches. Your first round will only be given items and money. Where you can only be used to buy a gun and equipment that protects you.

The money will continue to increase when changing the round. To get a lot of virtual money, you have to win every round. What if the team loses? Take it easy, the losing team will also be given virtual money, but not as much as the team that wins each round.