New Hero Mobile Legends Bixi, Strong Tank!

After the presence of several new heroes yesterday on the Advanced Server and Original Server, such as X-Borg and Lylia who are already present on the Original Server and there is Masha who is still silent on the Advanced Server. In addition there is the New Hero Mobile Legends Bixi, a Strong Tank.

Masha is likely to be released this month or in September this year, Masha is a hero with the Fighter Tank type who yesterday also changed his role by Moonton. In our opinion, it is only natural for him to be made a Fighter Tank, because he also has 3Bar HP which 1Bar HP also has the same Blood thickness as the Main HP Bar.

However, after Masha, Moonton has released a new Hero who also has an Original Tank Role and has pretty good Initiator and Crowd Control skills. Who is she? He is Bixi.

This tank is a tank that has 2 large shields in both hands. Bixi also has a uniqueness that can make Life Stealers bow before him. The skills Bixi possess are indeed good skills and are indeed very suitable to be used as an Open War in a team. What are the skills?

New Hero Mobile Legends Bixi, Strong Tank!

Baxia Mark[Pasif]: Bixi will leave a Mark to his opponent who is hit by this Bixi Mark’s skill, reducing their regeneration effect by 50% for 4s.

Baxia Shield Unity[Skill 1]: Bixi pulled himself into his Shield and charged forward. When it hits the enemy, it will deal 150 Magic Damage (+ 60% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies affected by this skill and enemies around it. If it hits the opponent’s target, it will make it stun for 0.5 seconds to survive and if the enemy around it will be hit by a knock back effect.

During the process of moving forward, use this skill again to throw Bixi upward so that it can pass through obstacles and enemy minions. When he jumps and an enemy is under Bixi, the enemy will be stunned for 1 second and cause a knockback effect on the closest opponent.

Skill 1 When Active

Skill 1 When Regarding Enemies

Skill 1 When Used Again

Shield Of Spirit[Skill 2]: Bixi will throw his Shield forward (it will disappear if it hits the enemy), dealing 300 (+ 80% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies who pass by and leaving Mark to them for 2 seconds. This skill can be reused in no time. If the Shield hits an opponent who has a mark, the CD will be reduced by 85%.

Skill 2 When Activated

Skill 2 When Regarding Enemies

Tortoise’s Puissance[Ultimate]: Bixi releases a Frontial Shield and runs forward madly, increasing his Movement Speed ​​by 30% for 10sec, at the same time, Bixi will create a Lava path on the path he is on, dealing 60 (+ 50% Magic Power) Magic Damage to opponents who are on that path.

New Hero Mobile Legends Bixi, Strong Tank!

Ultimate Skill When Active

Ultimate Skill Combo with Skill 1

Bixi has some pretty OP skills. When compared to other tanks, Bixi also has the power to block recovery and Regeneration Effect by 50% and this is one of the most powerful counters for heroes who have a large Life Steal, especially Alucard. It is estimated that this hero will be released in September and Bixi is a troop that is with Zilong.

Are you interested in this skill and hero? Try the New Hero Mobile Legends Bixi, a Strong Tank on the Advanced Mobile Legends server