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Death to 2020 is a film by Black Mirror creators, namely Charlie and Annabel Jones. This film is in mockumentary format, which is a type of film or television show that depicts fictional events, but is presented as if it were a documentary. This film brings characters discussing the events of 2020 with a mixture of information and satire – real innuendo. The topic in this film is the COVID 19 pandemic, especially in the United States and the United Kingdom. Presidential elections in the United States are also highly featured. Events at the start of the year included the final part of Australia’s 2019-2020 bushfires season to Greta Gutenberg’s environmental speech at the World Economic Forum, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan resigning from the British royal family and the 2020 Oscars election. The assassination of George Floyd in May 2020 and protests by the US public are further summarized in this film, commenting on a photo of Donald Trump at the Church of Sts. John and protesters remove the statue of Edward Colston in Bristol, England.

On the topic of the Coronavirus, the characters commented on the 2020 royal speech to the nation in Britain, two national closings in the UK, the massive online circulation of information, vaccine trials and the first use of the Pfizer-Bio n Tech vaccine outside of clinical trials. This film is also closely related to the United States election, the election of Joe Biden at the Democratic conference against Bernie Sanders, the presidential election debate between Biden and Trump. Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris as her running mate. Then what happened after Biden won the election, Trump tried to reverse the results with a series of bogus claims and unsuccessful lawsuits.

Information for Death to 2020 (2020) Movie

Broadcast date: December 27, 2020

Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes

Genre: Comedy


Directors: Al Campbell, Alice Mathies

Author: Charlie Brooker, Annabel Jones


  • Samuel L. Jackson as Dash Bracket
  • Hugh Grant as Tennyson Foss
  • Lisa Kudrow as Jeanneta Grace Susan
  • Kumail Nanjiani as Bark Multiverse
  • Tracey Ullman as The Queen
  • Samson Kayo as Pyrex Flask
  • Leslie Jones as Dr. Maggie Gravel
  • Diane Morgan as Gemma Nerrick
  • Joe Keery as Duke Goolies
  • Laurence Fishburne as Narrator

Rate: 6.9 / 10 (

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