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Choosing a setting in World War II, the film Greyhound tells the story of a war between an American fleet of ships and Nazi submarines in the Atlantic waters, which are far from the mainland. Tom Hanks is the main player who plays a very good role in interpreting his character.

In addition, Greyhound also stars several other top actors, such as Stephen Graham, Rob Morgan and Elisabeth Shue. It was planned that this film would be released in the cinema on May 8, 2020, but it was canceled due to the outbreak of the corona virus which was increasingly overflowing, finally airing on the Apple TV application on July 10, 2020.

In early 1942, a few months after the United States entered officially into the battlefield of World War II, the convoy ship sailed to the Liverpool base, which was then led by the commander Krause played by (Tom Hanks). What needs to be known, the ship commanded by Captain Krause also carries several ships, one of which is a destroyer to destroy opponents in front of the enemy.

Captain Kreuse, who at that time served as the escort ship commander, carried out his duties very deeply, even though he was not yet too senior but with the experience he got, he was able to carry out his duties quite deftly, and lead and command the ship very well.

When entering a black hole in the Atlantic rift, where they have to move fast, because the area is foggy and also not visible at all. They have to be careful, because there are so many ships that pass and can attack them. Monitoring from the air is useless, because there is a free sea, everything can go to war. And usually if they fought in that area, no one could distinguish between enemies and allies.

Greyhound (2020) Official Trailer

Greyhound Information (2020)

Release Date: July 10, 2020

Duration: 1 hour 31 minutes

Genre: Action, Drama, History


Director: Aaron Schneider

Author: Tom Hanks (screenplay by), CS Forester (based on the novel “The Good Shepherd” by)


  • Tom Hanks as Captain Krause
  • Elisabeth Shue as Evelyn
  • Stephen Graham as Charlie Cole
  • Matt Helm as Lt. Nystrom
  • Craig Tate as Pitts
  • Rob Morgan as Cleveland
  • Travis Quentin as Ipsen
  • Jeff Burkes as Shannon (as Jeffrey Burkes)
  • Matthew Zuk as Flusser
  • Joseph Poliquin as Lee Helmsman # 1
  • Casey Bond as Helmsman # 1
  • Josh Wiggins as Talker # 1
  • Michael Benz as Carling
  • Grayson Russell as Signalman # 1
  • Ian James Corlett as Dicky (voice)

Rate: 7.0 / 10 (

Nonton Greyhound (2020) Sub Indo Streaming Online

One of the allies under Captain Kreuse was a destroyer, at that time he was completely attacked by enemy soldiers for causing enormous losses. Due to the brutal attack carried out by him. Therefore, the enemy immediately attacked to the core of the destroyer, and now the Captain can only wait for a miracle given by the gods, so that the destroyer under him can be as addressable and continue the war.

In terms of the storyline of this Greyhound film, it is really good, because it triggers the adrenaline that exists and the knowledge of the wars and the horrors of war at that time is very clear. Tom Hanks, who plays the role of Captain Krause, also shows his very good acting skills and deserves two thumbs up, the response from the netizens is also a lot of positive, basically this film is really recommended for you to watch.

You can watch Greyhound online on AppleTV +, it’s a fairly large streaming platform and is definitely legal. So have fun watching!