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Having that kind of strength is really fun, for most people especially if that power can help people. As was done by one of the detectives from the police, he named Don Baek played by (Yoo Seung-ho) a veterean actor who has played the main character in several Korean dramas.

This supernatural power possessed by Dong Baek is able to read all the memories of the people he touches, therefore he is very adept at obtaining information from criminals who are being chased by the police.

Gradually, his presence in the police has become more and more radiant, he has been shown in public by the police, in order to strengthen the defense sector in the region. therefore, inevitably he must be able to appear in public properly.

However, due to trauma in his past, he sometimes could not control his emotions, and instead beat all the criminals in the introgration room, because he knew what he had done to the victims, which he wrote and didn’t even hesitate to kill him.

Because of that incident, he got a suspension from the police force, Lee Shin Woong, who was then the head of the police, gave him the opportunity to improve his attitude, therefore he is very grateful to Mr. Lee for the trust he has given him so far.

At the same time Han Sunmi, a young but very intelligent detective, is leading cases of sexual crimes and serial killings. Through a long case and investigation, Sunmi was convinced that the killer was the same person.

Not only that, the other cases in a row also become a solid unit, so detective Dong Baek and Hansumi must work together to solve the case, this is where the story of the two of them in the drama Memorist begins!

Memorist (2020) Official Trailer

Memorist Information (2020)

Release Date: August 2, 2020

Duration: 1 hour 2 minutes

Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller

Language: South Korean

Director: So Jae Hyun


  • Ahn Do-Ha
  • Hwang Ha Na
  • Hoo Jae


  • Yoo Seung-ho as Dong Baek
  • Se-yeong Lee as Han Sun Mi
  • Chang-Seok Ko as Goo Kyun
  • Ji-On Yoon as Oh Se Hoon
  • Jung Ha-Joon as Hwang Bong Gook
  • Jo Sung-ha as Lee Shin Woong
  • Hyo-Seong as Kang Ji Eun 1
  • Chi-Woon Oh as Detective Min Sung Han
  • Kim Seo-Kyung as Detective Im Chil Gyu
  • Kwang-eop Son as Byun Young Soo
  • Im Ji-Hyun as Lee Seul
  • Yun-Hee Kim as Jung Mi Ja
  • Jo Han-Chul as Jin Jae Gyu
  • Lee Young-jin as Seo Hui Su
  • Eun-joo Lee as NIS Chief Kim
  • Min Ah Kang as Sul Cho Won
  • Kim Mi-Kyung as Ye Rim’s mother
  • Ji-In Kim as Yoon Ye Rim
  • Daniel Joey Albright as Proctor
  • Bi-bi Kim as Veterinarian
  • Jin-woo Park as Detective

Rate: 7.2 / 10 (

Nonton Memorist (2020) Sub Indo Streaming Online

Dong Baek, played by Seong hoo, really acts very well when playing someone who has supernatural powers, he can play a very good role, because his experience in acting has really been a long time since his first debut.

Sunmi’s opponent played by Ole (See Yeong Lee) also plays a very good role when it comes to exploring her character. They both can really sedate the audience with every scene that is presented, aa sad, tense and also a mystery that makes everyone curious.

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