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The release of this Mortal film is not the same in various parts of the world, let’s just say in August, this film has been shown for the first time in the UK. Because of that, many think that this film will not sell well in other countries. Andre Ovredal, as the director of this film, actually ignored this, he has his own way of doing business so that everyone is curious and eager to watch it.

Recently, new trailers and posters have been released in the United States and the world, when the director, Andre wants to say that this film has a thriller genre combined with great superhero action scenes.

In the trailer itself, we can see the main character named Eric played by Nat Wolff, he is a Norwegian-American teenager who tries to control the power of his own god. Not only that, what netizens viewers are increasingly curious about. Where did he get his god’s superhuman strength.

Based on existing mythology, in ancient Norway there was Mortal which was a link between the natural world and other worlds, therefore anyone who has this power is considered a protector god, to protect the earth from the dangers that exist.

Then turning to the film, the audience will be presented with extraordinary fantasy scenes, a combination of superhero films such as X-Men, Thor and others that will help anyone from evil forces that threaten human lives. The premise of the story is quite simple, that of a young boy trying to find the origin of his superpowers, before he is arrested by the authorities, who insist on prosecuting him for his unintentional deeds.

Mortal (2020) Official Trailer

Mortal Information (2020)

Release Date: November 13, 2020

Duration: 1 hour 44 minutes

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi


Director: Andre Ovredal


  • Andre Ovredal (screenplay)
  • Norman Lesperance (screenplay)
  • Geoff Bussetil (screenplay)
  • Andre Ovredal (story)


  • Nat Wolff as Eric
  • Priyanka Bose as Hathaway
  • Arthur Hakalahti as Ole
  • Iben Akerlie as Christine
  • Ania Nova as Ole’s Sister (as Anna Sedunova)
  • Ravdeep Singh Bajwa as Radiologist
  • Per Frisch as Henrik
  • Oddrun Valestrand as Hospital Doctor
  • Sunniva Lind Hoverstad as Crying Woman
  • Per Egil Aske as Bjorn
  • Torunn Lodemel Stokkeland as Therese
  • Alexander Zwart as Construction Worker
  • Sveinung Augestad as Hathaway’s Representative
  • Kai Kolstad Rodseth as PST Officer
  • Craig Narveson as Superior
  • Martin Grid Toennesen as EMT
  • Niko Rusakov as an Army soldier
  • Inger Berit Groterud as Local Police Officer
  • Geir Kaspersen as FSK soldier / Sniper
  • Phillip Holloman as Hospital Doctor
  • Lone Klein as Doctor
  • Geir Dolonen-Marthinussen as Police Officer
  • Bettina Fleischer as Receptionist
  • Tore Chr. Sævold as Father

Rate: 5.8 / 10 (

Nonton Mortal (2020) Sub Indo Streaming Online

Nat Wolff as the main character in the Mortal film will be accompanied by several Norwegian actors as well, such as Pryankan Bose, Arthur Hakalahti, Anna Sedunova, Iben Akerlie and many more. From the ranks of these actors, from their acting skills there is no doubt that they have starred in several films that are quite famous in their own countries.

In terms of the storyline of the Mortal film, it is easy to understand, there are also action scenes that make the audience feel amazed by the shooting technique. The CGI effect used in this film is also truly amazing, which is sure to spoil the eyes of the viewer who sees it.

You can watch Mortal, which is released in 2020, online on Amazon Prime Video, watch it on the official legal website, so you don’t harm anyone. That’s all from you and thank you!