Not AFK But Gets a Punishment in Free Fire (FF) Clash Squad

Free Fire is a battle royale game with many game modes in it. One of the most interesting game mode that you can try is clash squad mode. However, there is a bug that actually bothers some players that is trying to play in clash squad mode, which is an AFK punishment. So here we have some reasons why players not AFK but gets a punishment in Free Fire clash squad mode.

Not AFK But Gets a Punishment in Free Fire (FF) Clash Squad, how come?

When you play in clash squad mode, the beginning of the game is often trouble free. It is even possible for you to win the game by doing it solo in the clash squad Free Fire. But as you finish the game, suddenly there’s a message saying that you get a punishment for attempting an AFK.

How does that happen? There are some possibilities as to why this could happen to you as well. This case is important for you to know since the AFk punishment mechanism in Free Fire is getting more strict as of today. Which is why, it can be a huge advantage for you if you get this punishment. Especially, when you are completely innocent, and not even attempting an AFK at all!

Report from other players

There are some possibilities that it can happen to you as well. If you have a message saying that you get a punishment for doing an AFK attempt, you can directly report the issue to the Free Fire customer service. It is important for you to report this issue, because this is one of the bug that can be quite annoying for you to have.

There are some possible factors as to why you could get a punishment message from the game. The first can be caused by your own action in the game. In clash squad mode, there might be a moment where you are standing still while doing nothing for a couple of minutes. After that, you win the game. There is a possibility that your enemy doesn’t like what you’re doing, and they can frame you for attempting an AFK. So make sure that you keep moving in clash squad mode in Free Fire.

The second possibility can merely be a bug. So this bug can occur to some players that play clash squad. So try to report the bug in case it occurs to you.

And that’s some possible reasons why you’re not AFK in clash squad Free Fire, but gets a punishment anyway. Make sure that you are reporting every bug or other issue in the game, so the developer can fix it. Be sure to follow esportsku on Instagram for more tips to come!