Observer Skill Better Clu Or Moco Free Fire

Free Fire has many characters that you can use, and various weapons. It depends on you to use these characters, to use skills and weapons properly. Because, the way to play each character is different. Here we will discuss about characters in Free Fire and the use of good weapons for these characters.

Free Fire has many choices of characters that you can use. Each character is very unique to use, with the skills it has. So, you can use different skills, on different characters too. You can take advantage of the skills it has, by using weapons that make it more effective. For example, you use a Shotgun, so that Jota’s skills are active. That way, you can use the characters more effectively.

There are characters in Free Fire who can see where the enemy is. One of them is Moco and Clu. Both characters can see where the enemy is, and tell their teammates. This skill is arguably a strong Observer skill. However, the way to activate it is different, and the effect is different. So it will be difficult to use it.

Moco and Clu are very strong semi supports. In the right team and have good communication they will be even more deadly. Especially with the information it provides.

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Here we will provide tips about Skill Observer Better Clu or Moco Free Fire. The two characters are strong, but if we compare, which one is the most suitable to be an Observer. Both of them could see the enemy’s presence, but in different ways.

Observer Skill Better Clu Or Moco

The Observer Skill is a skill that can reveal the whereabouts of the enemy, to be given to teammates. You can use this skill to see where the enemy is, and use it to attack the enemy. Moco and Clu have this skill, but between the two of them, which one is the most effective?


Moco is a character who has a tag skill. His skill makes Moco’s shot can mark the enemy, and see its existence for some time. You can see the whereabouts of the enemy that Moco shot, and reveal his whereabouts on the map. This skill is very strong to be an Observer in the distance.


+) Strong Long Range Shooter

+) Additional Damage for Teams

+) Observer Sniper


-) Must be Regarding the Enemy

-) Momentary Effect


Clu is a character who has a passive skill to see enemies around him. With a certain radius around him, Clu could see where the enemy was. You can use this skill, and reveal the whereabouts of enemies around you. This makes him strong for soloing, or a Rusher to find enemies.


+) Strong Rusher

+) Skill with a long duration

+) Can About Many Targets


-) Must be at a certain distance

-) Close Range Skill

If you intend to become a Rusher, you prefer Clu with active skills and high radius. However, if you want to be a sniper who can shoot enemies from a distance and have a shot, you are more suitable to be Moco to provide additional damage.

That’s information about Skill Observer Better Clu or Moco Free Fire. Both of them are very strong, but the way they play is very different. If you are the passive type and prefer to shoot from afar, Moco is your choice. However, if you are a Rusher type who wants to attack enemies up close, you can try Clu with his active skills. Also Follow Our Social Media on Instagram Esportsku!