Onic Prodigy MDL ID Season 2 Week 6: Natalia Support Mobile Legends!

Before attendance patch Project NEXT, the hero with role: pure tank indeed has rarely become a mainstay. On the contrary, heroes fighter it is in charge of being tank like Khaleed and also Hilda.

Post attendance patch most recently, now Natalia is also experiencing a shift role. Natalia who is assassin is now starting to be relied upon as a crowd support in area mid lane. The shift that Natalia is experiencing does not only happen in pro scene MPL ID but also on MDL ID.

MDL ID has so far arrived at Week 6 with match the first to bring Onic Prodigy VS Geek Fam Jr. ONIC, who occupies the first position on the standings, doesn’t want to let his guard down and focuses on getting maximum points. The reason is, RRQ Sena is only 1 point away from being in second place after ONIC.

Successfully winning the match with a score of 2-0 over GEEK, ONIC succeeded in relying on Natalia as support. Curious how support Natalia in action in the Land of Dawn? Just take a look at the discussion below!


Patch latest presents the concept of Gold & EXP Lane. With this new concept, it is not uncommon for every match to become more passive. Especially at minute 0 to minute 3 when the latest effect is from lane has disappeared and returned to normal.

Use of Natalia as support, briefly able to face the situation. Where Natalia can do roaming and increase the aggressiveness of his team. On the other hand, his team members didn’t lose a lot of focus to stay on lane each.

This can be arranged because skill Natalia who can disappear and make it very free to do roaming. That way, Natalia was able to do roaming the 3rd lane more effectively.

Natalia ONIC Maipan

Against Geek Fam Jr., ONIC Maipan is now using assassin as support. In fact, ONIC Maipan used to carry out duties as support mage in area mid lane.

Using the hero Natalia Mobile legends as support in games 1, ONIC Maipan was immediately able to master the Land of Dawn. With success obtaining first blood in mid lane, top lane and bot lane also can not be separated from ONIC Maipan’s attention to do roaming.

Evidently, ONIC Maipan has the biggest role in differences in differences net worth between ONIC and GEEK in phase mid game which is in the range of 7 thousand gold. Due to Natalia ONIC Maipan become playmaker considering ONIC Kiboy who is in charge of guarding ONIC Brl who uses marksman.

Of course, Natalia’s success support this will likely increase in popularity pro scene and ranked mode MLBB. That’s the discussion about Natalia support on MDL ID Season 2 Week 6!