Open PUBG Mobile EMP Crates, Lots of Cool Skins!

PUBG Mobile always has a lot of interesting crates with contents that are certainly no less interesting. This time you can open a lot of PUBG Mobile EMP Crates

PUBG Mobile is also a battle royale game that has lots of interesting events in it, so that loyal PUBG Mobile players or players will not be bored for long spending their time playing the game.

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The interesting skin pack from PUBG Mobile which we will discuss this time is called EMP. What are the details of the EMP skin pack from PUBG Mobile? Come on, see the explanation below!

Open PUBG Mobile EMP Crates

Percentage of Chance

For the EMP skin pack this time, there are no prizes or skins with the Mythic type which is the highest or exclusive type in PUBG Mobile, but only the highest Legendary type.

Based on the picture above, it can be seen that Legendary items have a very small percentage, which is only about 2.75%, Epic items 17.25% and the remaining 80% is owned by Rare items.

This means that when you open this EMP crate, you will likely get Rare item prizes more often because of the large percentage.


To open this EMP crate, you need 60 UC to open once and a discount from 600 UC to 540 UC to open ten times.

So when opening ten crates, the UC that is issued is only about 9 crates, so it is more efficient to open 10 crates directly than opening ten crates, but one by one.

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This UMP45 weapon skin has an Epic item type so that the percentage is not as small as Legendary items or it can be said that this UMP45 weapon skin is easy to get. This EMP skin can be upgraded according to the materials it needs.

Pinocchio Set

The skin set for this skin pack is called the Pinocchio Set. As the name implies, this skin set has a Pinocchio doll-like outfit with a dominating yellow and red color combination and a hint of blue.

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Pinocchio Headgear

To complete the appearance of Pinocchio in this EMP skin pack, this Headgear at this event has the shape of Pinocchio’s head. Even so, this cool headgear will still disappear if you use a helmet.

Buskin Monkey Backpack

The backpack or bag given is not in the form of a Pinocchio, but the head of a monkey that you usually find in circus places. This bag has a combination of red as the dominant color for level 3.

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Based on our explanation above, which EMP skin pack prize do you like the most? Thank you for listening!


I liked playing PUBG Mobile from the early season when there was no RP, but it’s still 11 12 with bots until now hehe