Overcoming Mic FF Error When Playing Free Fire

Free fire players experience a new problem faced by some free fire players. This time, many free fire players complained that their mic had an error when playing free fire. This is troublesome when playing squad ff, the sound that will be generated is in the form of unclear or damaged sounds. Then, how do you fix the Mic FF Error When Playing Free Fire?

The mic error problem in Garena Free Fire itself starts when the players make the latest update to version 1.43.0. As we know, this patch is winterlands patch which was recently updated.

Overcome the Winterlands Free Fire Mic FF Error Patch

This patch brings lots of changes as well as the latest game events and modes in free fire. However, some players have complained about the mic error ff problem that often occurs in this patch. There are several reasons that you should know

Cause of Mic Error Due to Update Patch

Overcoming the Free Fire Mic Error because players who update the patch usually have files that clash when extracting so that other files are interrupted. As a result, it creates several other problems in the game.

Cause of Mic FF Error Due to Smartphone OS

When updating the patch, pay attention to whether your smartphone OS supports this patch or not. Make sure you have the latest OS at this time so you don’t have to experience this damage.

Cause of Mic FF Error Due to Smartphone Hardware

Free fire players must check your mic. Usually there is a menu that can test all devices are in good condition or not. Make sure you try the menu.

Cause Of Network Error Mic

Sometimes free fire players think it is an error updating patch. However, after checking it turns out that your ping is too high to play the free fire game so it will intermittently and the sound from your mic will be damaged too.

Overcoming Mic FF Error When Playing Free Fire

Of the four problems, we have a Fix Free Fire Mic Error that is still in your software. Because if the problem is in hardware, you must immediately replace your device.

Meanwhile, if the problem is on the network, you must solve the Free Fire Mic Error by immediately looking for a signal or a more stable internet network. Here’s how to Overcome Mic FF Error When Playing Free Fire on Smartphone Software

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To overcome the Mic FF Error, what you have to do first is uninstall the free fire game. Make sure you download it again on the Google Playstore or the Apps store.

If you still have an error, you have to try to reinstall your settings. You can try a total reset through the menu on each of your smartphones. However, if this doesn’t work, you have to recover your smartphone.

Overcoming Free Fire Mic Error by having you reinstall the OS by upgrading or downgrading your OS. Usually this is called Flashing a smartphone. Make sure you also Overcome Mic Error Free Fire by installing with the official OS from your smartphone brand. If you can’t reinstall the OS, give it to a smartphone flashing expert.

We strongly discourage overcoming Free Fire Mic Error by reinstalling the OS. This is because it will erase all of your existing data. Make sure you have a back-up of the data on your smartphone to overcome if an error occurs when flashing the smartphone.

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We recommend that you solve the Free Fire Mic Error by resetting your smartphone first, don’t immediately reinstall your OS. By overcoming the Mic Error Free Fire reset, you will have the same settings as factory settings but your data will not be deleted.

That’s the way to Overcome Mic FF Error When Playing Free Fire that you can do. Make sure you play well after the mic is ready. Greetings, Booyah!