Overpowered M1887 FF Shotgun, Need Nerf Free Fire?

The more it develops, the more new things you can feel in this Free Fire game. Garena itself was successful in launching, as well as providing interesting events for the players. This is because all players give a large enough amount of enthusiasm to the game. This time there is an Overpowered M1887 FF Shotgun, Need Nerf Free Fire?

The days this game is getting busier than before, of course this will make Free Fire even better. Therefore, Garena Free Fire will always bring interesting things to all of its players. This was done, so that the development and game of Free Fire could be even better than before.

Even at the start of its release until now, Garena has proven their hard work for Free Fire. In the past, the Free Fire game did have a dotted appearance, even Rumut was upright and didn’t look real. But after going through some of your updates, finally all of those things are gone.

This game has become more HD, and has a much better appearance when competing.

In addition, Garena also frequently presents new weapon updates for his players. This weapon is of course an important factor when you play the Free Fire game, because without weapons you won’t be able to kill enemies quickly.

Therefore, don’t forget to pick up weapons in the match to defeat the enemies in the Free Fire game. Now there are many types of interesting weapons, as well as great damage in this game.

On this occasion we will give you an explanation of the Shotgun weapon.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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Overpowered M1887 FF Shotgun Weapon

  1. Easy to use

This weapon is indeed similar to the M1014, but when compared to the use of the M1887 it is easier to use. Even this weapon is lighter, and has a fairly high accuracy.

M1887 can also be used up to a medium distance, although the damage will be quite small.

  1. Immense Damage

Well maybe this is what makes Senjata Shotgun M1887 FF is the best in the Free Fire game after M1014. Because, if you compare that the M1887 weapon is superior in damage compared to the M1014. Even though it is only in the middle distance, the damage from this weapon can penetrate 100 Damage in severalevery shot.

Not only that, this weapon can be very threatening when used at close range. Even if you use a level 2 helmet, one headshot from close range can make you knock immediately.

  1. High Accuracy

The last thing that makes this M1887 FF Shotgun a M1014 competitor is its high accuracy. As we know, if the accuracy is high then your aim or shot will be hit more often. Now here’s a thing, where the important advantage of these weapons.

M1887 has a high level of accuracy, so when used at close range it is also quite threatening. Where later, this weapon’s damage will enter more often. But unfortunately, the capacity of this FF weapon is quite a bit.

Should I Nerf the M1887 Free Fire Shotgun Weapon?

For these three reasons, we conclude that this shotgun is very painful and deadly among other free fire shotguns. So, in our opinion, from my esports, it is better for this weapon to be nerfed so that the game is much better.

One of my esports visitors who is also a free fire player also commented on this M1887 weapon. He commented on our post on the Best Weapon Skins for free Fire

Yes, he requested that this gun be nerfed immediately, So. what do you think ?. Does this weapon need a diner or not?

So, those are some of the things that make the M1887 FF Shotgun Weapon become the current Overpower. How? Are you interested in trying this weapon?

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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