Overwatch Has a New Map Called Junkertown

Ch√Ęteau Guillard is a new map but it is not the only new map released this month. Blizzard has revealed the second new map from Overwatch called Junkertown, it was revealed at Gamescom 2017 in Germany then.

A dataminer found clues about how the new Junkertown map was formed a few weeks ago, but that was just his assumption last week but now, it is confirmed by the developer. In other words, what the dataminer guessed was not just an assumption and he succeeded in proving the map based on his analysis

Both of Junkrat and Roadhog’s two friends come from Junkertown, which is located in the central Australian region where the place has a story that the area was once an omnium industrial area then there was a factory that exploded in the area, making the area completely destroyed turning the industrial area into a desert. contaminated by radiation

Those who survive in the area are called “Junkers” living there in a place full of radiation with the duo friends Junkrat and Roadhog who happen to live there too. Unfortunately, Junkrat and Roadhog were kicked out by the queen for disobeying him so they devised a plan that included blasting in them to get them back in.

The developer also released a short animation that explains their plans as well as how the villain duo face and get their revenge for their treatment.

The plan was to have a cargo filled with gold and jewels but inside they set a bomb. So that it can cause an explosion that allows the gate to be opened and they return back to junkertown. Once close enough, the charge will explode and destroy objects that are near it

Blizzard will announce it further because there is no official release date from Blizzard but with the appearance of the junkertown map at Gamescom 2017 it is a sign that this new map will actually be released.