Peak Day Booyah Ramadan Fasting Free Fire, Get Moon Token FF Now!

Garena free fire is a battle royale game that has many players. Unmitigated this game has players up to hundreds of millions of players who faithfully play this game. At that time, this game had 60 million free fire players online at one time. This is because Garena free fire keeps making interesting free fire events. So, today is Peak Day Booyah Ramadhan Free Fire, you can Get Moon Token FF Now!

As we know, free fire events always attract the attention of free fire players. This is so that free fire players don’t get bored of playing the game every day. Well, Garena Free Fire also often holds events with free prizes. One example at this time is praying for the latest 2020 Ramadan free fire booyah event.

At this event you can get a free magic cube free fire prize in this Ramadan 2020. You will also get free items that you can get after completing this Ramadan free fire mission. These items are in the form of free fire weapon skins, free fire grenade skins, and many more that you can get.

Well, the Booyah Ramadhan free fire event itself is divided into three sub-events. For the first event, it has reached the peak day free fire today. Where you can get moon token free fire which is useful for getting free fire weapon skins for free

Peak Day Ramadan Free Fire Fasting!

On this day you will touch the sub event of the Ramadan Booyah which is breaking the fast. You can get cool M4A1 skins for free by completing missions that collect free fire camel / camel tokens and also free fire moon tokens that will be given today.

You can also get a cool backpack skin by just logging in free fire. To get other prizes, you can complete each of the missions listed in your free fire game.

Free Fire Moon Tokens Can Get Now!

Previously, we discussed how to get this free fire month token. Well, on the peak day of this Ramadan free fire event, you can get it for free on a free fire mission

Those of you who want to get it just by logging in can get this free fire moon token. In addition, to get a free skin backpack, you have to play your free fire game in any mode, as many as 10 games. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss this golden opportunity to get a free skin backpack !.

Besides that, you also need to know about the exchange of gifts for moon tokens that you will get today. As we know, the moon token itself plays a very important role in getting the M4A1 2020 weapon skin for free.

Moon Token Prize Exchange

Moon token itself is used to complete the exchange of your camel tokens that have been collected in the previous days. So, if you have got 35 camel free fire tokens, you must immediately get this moon token so you can exchange camel tokens for free fire free weapon skins.

In addition, you also exchange existing prizes with camel tokens that you collected yesterday or today. Like the newest free fire parachute that players can get for free

So, what are you waiting for, you have to log in to the free fire game now and immediately grab a moon token to get this cool free weapon skin prize. That way, you get a new collection of weapon skins again in your free fire account inventory.

So, those are some information on the Peak Day Booyah Ramadan Fasting Free Fire that we can convey on this occasion to get moon tokens. How? Do you all want to play free fire games at this event.? Just log in to the game. Greetings booyah!

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