Player Error Using Ling in Mobile Legends

Here we will discuss about Player Mistakes Using Ling in Mobile Legends. As we know, Mobile Legends has many heroes to use, and each hero has different skills. By using heroes properly, you can get MVP. However, sometimes the use of heroes is not correct, and it even makes you a burden at TIm. Because, there are many things you shouldn’t do, when using several heroes in Mobile Legends.

Ling is one of the most widely used heroes, with skills that are arguably powerful. The way to use it is aggressive and difficult to fight, because of its fast movement skills with high damage. With just a few build items, he can lift the team easily, and can fight many heroes at once. Even so, how to use it is quite difficult, and it takes a good position to attack the enemy too.

User Ling made many mistakes, because this hero is also difficult to use. You have to pay attention to the energy, position, skill usage, and timing in using the Ultimate. Therefore, this Hero is quite difficult to use. However, if you have used it often, this hero will feel easier for you to use. The movements that you have to do, you already remember well and are out of your brain. However, sometimes you still do the same mistakes unconsciously.

Ling is not an easy hero. Requiring high micro skills to play very efficiently is indeed necessary. But if you guys really understand Ling can be a monster.

Here we will discuss about Player Mistakes in Using Ling in Mobile Legends that you should know. This error may be common, because you guys have done it. However, you should avoid it, because this mistake is too fatal for you to do.

Player Mistakes in Using Ling

Player Error Using Ling in Mobile Legends

The following is the mistake of the mobile legends player when using Ling:


Ling played not using Mana, but using Energy. This energy cannot be added using items, making it more difficult to use. Kadan you use skills without looking at energy and when you need to use skills, your energy runs out. This is very fatal, because Ling alone has enough Glass Cannon to withstand enemy attacks.


One of Ling’s movment skills and can also do damage, is very effective in attacking and running from enemies. However, sometimes you use them recklessly. Using a dash towards the enemy is true, but the range it has is quite short. So you have to pay attention to your position too.


Ling’s Ultimate is very strong, coupled with a stack that can reset skills and increase energy. Sometimes you use it at the wrong and the right time. It’s good if you save it first, and wait for the enemy to attack you first. when the enemy wants to attack you, use Ultimate which will give you Invisiblity, then attack the enemy right in the middle.


Too long on the wall is also not good, because the current nerf is very dangerous. If you are caught and Slow or another CC by the enemy, you will fall and be slowed down. So, try not to be predictable.

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That’s the Player Mistake in Using Ling in Mobile Legends that you should know. You usually do this mistake, even though it is already visible. However, if you play often, you will also be able to avoid this well. Also Follow Our Social Media on Instagram Esportsku!