Pontianak Is A City Producing Pro Player Mobile Legends (ML)

Pontianak is a city that produces ML pro players. Mobile Legends is indeed the most popular game in Indonesia. In Indonesia, there are very many active players for this smartphone device moba player. But there is something interesting because of the fact that there is a city that produces a lot of pro players in Mobile Legends.

Surely this seems a coincidence because there is one city that stands out more. Another speculation is that the city is not very competitive so the pro players will look strong and stand out. But it is quite interesting to see that there is a city that produces a lot of pro players in Mobile Legends.

This data is taken from MPL Season 5 yesterday which has finished rolling. Of course, this data is certainly valid because it comes from the latest pro scene. It is interesting to kidnap because it could prove that one city can dominate the national scene. Just imagine if there was a match between cities or provinces in the form of a league, it could be very strong on its own.

If you are curious about which players are from the same city, let’s take a look below. The domination of one city as a player from the pro scene can be your reference to compare the places of origin of these pro Mobile Legends players.

Pontianak Is A City Producing ML Pro Player

Indeed, it is undeniable that Pontianak is a city that produces pro players in the mobile legends scene. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t many pro players from other cities in Indonesia, you know.

If we look at the list, there are very many players who enter the pro ML scene from the same city, namely Pontianak.

15 people came from Pontianak who found success even quite diverse. There are veteran and relatively new players who all come from the same domicile.

These names are:

  • Rooster
  • Billy
  • Doyok
  • Drian
  • Dredo
  • Instinct
  • Ipin
  • Joker
  • Kyy
  • Maungzy
  • Psychoo
  • Tuturu
  • Wannn
  • Watt
  • Wongcoco

Of the 15 people, there are names that are familiar and are considered worldwide veteran Mobile Legends players. The players are Kyy, Maungzy, Tuturu, and Wannn. It attracts quite a wide diversion of old and new players from Pontianak. It could be that they make a team with the theme of the Pointianak All-star. Moonton might also be interested in making a fun tournament that gathers pro players from the same domicile to prove the strength of the city from Indonesia.

These data are from the active MPL Season 5 – 6 pro scene. Actually there are still a lot of active players or from the previous MPL season. This means that this data can still be extended and added. Currently Pontianakn and Jakarta are domiciles that have the most pro players in Indonesia. Hopefully with this other regions or cities will be inspired and can take part from here.

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That is information about Pontianak is a city that produces ML pro players. With a city that produces a lot of pro players, of course other cities should emulate this feat. By actively holding tournaments or scrims and also being given the same opportunity by big organizations, of course hidden talents from other places can emerge. Also follow our social media on Instagram.

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