Practical Ways to Download Stickers on WhatsApp without an Application

Stickers are now increasingly being used in various applications chat to express the user’s feelings. One of the applications that users often use stickers for chat is WhatsApp. WhatsApp stickers are different from just stiff monotonous emojis. These stickers on WhatsApp have a variety of cool and funny models to make the experience feel chat you and your friends become more fun.

You can add to your sticker collection on WhatsApp by downloading them, guys. You don’t need to use any application because you can download the stickers directly on WhatsApp for free. You must be very curious about how to do this because this method is very practical and does not require additional applications. Let’s see the practical way to download WhatsApp stickers directly below!

You can get WhatsApp stickers directly for free guys. How to download it is also very easy and very simple. Here are the steps you need to do:

  1. Open the WhatsApp application on your Android. Open it up chat room on WhatsApp with anyone you think has lots of interesting stickers in it.
  2. Look for interesting stickers in the chat room. You can also ask your friends to send the stickers that you brushed through chat. After you decide which sticker you want to download, tap on the sticker that you want to download.
  3. You will see a dialog box appear that contains the name of the sticker, along with the options below. Choose an option add to favorites.
  4. Done! The sticker you chose is now in the favorites column.

Well, that’s how you download the stickers that you like on WhatsApp directly, guys. Very practical, right? You don’t need to use any application to get these stickers. Stickers that you download this way will be overwritten in the Favorites column.

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Unfortunately you can only download one type of sticker, guys. You cannot download various types of stickers in one group at once. It’s not bad, because you don’t have to bother downloading it. Hopefully this is useful, guys.

Greetings technology! So, this way your sticker collection on WhatsApp increases, right? This can be done repeatedly on your WhatsApp group. This method is still free even if you repeat it many times.