Pre Order Elite Pass FF Season 22, Free Fire Right Now!

In this Free Fire game, there are various ways you can get a Bundle. Whether it’s free or paid, you can get various kinds of bundles of different types and types. Garena itself will certainly present various kinds of bundles, either permanently in the Shop or using in-game features. This time you can Pre Order Elite Pass FF Season 22, Free Fire Right Now.

Now there are many ways you can do to get a Bundle, one of which is by using the Elite Pass feature. In this feature, you will get various attractive prizes besides the Bundle as the main prize. You can even get a prize in the form of Evolution Stone, with this feature.

Even now, you will have the arrival of the 22nd Elite Pass Season. You can’t feel it, now we will soon get the newest elite pass theme again.

It is even rumored that this Elite Pass will be quite exciting because of the theme. There are also some players who say, that Elite Pass Season 22 presents an interesting Bundle.

You shouldn’t miss this bundle on Elite Pass Season 22 Wasteland Survivor.

Now on this occasion we will provide information about the Pre Order of the Elite Pass Season 22.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

Pre Order Elite Pass FF Season 22, Free Fire Right Now!

Garena Free Fire has made an announcement, where they have opened a Pre Order for the next season’s Elite Pass. This Pre Order is worth 999 Diamond, of course it won’t drain your pockets any deeper, of course.

Even when you pre-order this Elite Pass FF Season 22. There are additional prizes that you can collect too. You will get Exclusive items offered by Pre Order Elite Pass FF Season 22, namely the World’s End Deadloot Box. Of course this is quite profitable, because you can get other prizes in this Pre Order.

In addition, Pre Order Elite Pass FF Season 22 will save you money, compared to buying a Premium Elite Pass for 1500 Diamonds on March 1, 2020.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s do Pre Order now.

Your advantage to pre-order Elite Pass Season 22

Who says if you pre-order Elite Pass FF Season 22 you won’t get any benefits? Is it because you only get 1 Exclusive Deathbox prize? You are wrong, because there are still many benefits that can be obtained when placing a Pre Order.

First, you will get various items worth up to 10000 Diamond on this Elite Pass. Even the value of the Diamond can be more than what you expect.

Both of you will instantly unlock the Elite Challenges FF so you can get even more Badges.

The three Gold limits that you get in that 1 day, increase by 100 Gold.

Your four nicknames will be colored Glorious Red if you manage to kill the enemy in the match.

The five of you can get up to 50 Badges directly, and you can immediately open the DoomsDay Ravager Bundle.

The six of you will of course get a lot of prizes in a very large amount from this Elite Pass.

So that’s the information we can convey about the Pre Order Elite Pass season 22. How? Interested in pre-order?

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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