PUBG Mobile Airdrop Box and Flare Gun Box, Check out the 4 Differences!

PUBG Mobile has various weapons features in it, one of which is sending an Aidrop Box and a Flare Gun Box. Both are special boxes that are most in demand by many players at PUBG Mobile.

What is the difference between Airdrop Box and Flare Gun Box Supply? Check out the explanation below!

PUBG Mobile Airdrop Box and Flare Gun Box, Check out the 4 Differences!

Airdrop Box and Flare Gun Box

1. Delivery Time

Airdrop Box can be sent by Aircraft during the zone change. Once the zone is about to change, a plane will come down to lower this Airdrop Box. You can also determine which direction the next zone will go to by following this Box, you know!

As for the Flare Gun Box itself, it can be lowered whenever you shoot a Flare Gun towards the sky. Make sure you shoot correctly, because if you shoot wrongly the “package” may not be sent.

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2. Color and Number of Parachutes Box

Airdrop Box is sent using only one parachute, besides that the color of this box is red which is covered by a blue cover. When you see an airplane lowering the box, you can identify it just by looking at the parachute from a distance.

As for the Flare Gun itself, it has a green box and is lowered by using three green parachutes. When you see a box that is lowered with three parachutes, it is clear that it is a Flare Gun Box.

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3. Smoke Color

The Airdrop Box has red smoke, making it easy to identify its presence from afar. Airdrop Box smoke is slightly higher than Flare Gun Box smoke, this serves to give players longer time to approach it.

In addition, the red color used by the Airdrop Box looks clearer from a distance because of the contrasting red and sky blue color differences.

Whereas the Flare Gun Box uses yellow smoke, so the enemy often doesn’t pay much attention to your presence because of the yellow color that is obscured by the green color of the trees and the bright sky.

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4. Fill in the Box

The Airdrop Box contains a special weapon equipped with level 3 Armor. Meanwhile, the Flare Gun itself depends on where you shoot it.

If you shoot him in the zone, a box that contains two special weapons with level 3 armor will be sent.Whereas if you shoot him outside the zone, what will be sent is an amphibious vehicle or BRDM-2.

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