PUBG Mobile Elite Season 15 Has Arrived, Check Out the Prize Explanation!

It doesn’t feel like PUBG Mobile has now entered its 15th RP season. Now, PUBG Mobile has certainly gone through a lot of processes to develop the Royale Pass to keep it interesting.

Right on September 15, 2020, PUBG Mobile released Season RP 15 with the theme Beyond ACE. What are the prizes or rewards given like? Listen to the explanation!

RP Elite Season 15 of PUBG Mobile is here, see the explanation of the prizes!

Level 1: Whitestar Outfit

The prize at the first level of PUBG Mobile RP Elite is a skin set called the Whitestar Outfit. As the name suggests, this shirt has white as its dominant color.

Level 1: Thompson Gauntlet

Still at level 1, there is a weapon skin which is the skin of the banned weapon, namely Thompson or Tommy Gun. This skin is called Gauntlet. Has a reddish brown color which is its dominant color.

Level 5: Whitestar Headgear

To complete the appearance of the Whitestar skin set, PUBG Mobile provides its Headgear at Level 5. This headgear has a dominating platinum color.

Level 10: Samurai Ops Smoke Grenade

PUBG Mobile now often issues special skins for throwables, one of which is RP 15 at level 10. You will get a black and golden Samurai Ops Smoke Grenade.

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Level 20: Golden Nights Backpack

Are you a backpack-loving player? Get a backpack with a motif like tribal culture at level 20 called the Golden Nights Backpack.

Level 30: Samurai Ops Parachute

At level 30 you will get a special parachute for the Royale Pass which is usually called Samurai Ops Parachute. This parachute is gray in color and has a picture of someone jumping like a ninja.

Level 30: Shadow Assassin Outfit

Shadow Assassin Outfit with black domination is a prize that you can get at level 30.

Level 40: Samurai Ops – Pan

To collect Panci skins, you will get a skin called Samurai Ops with brown and silver colors and a knife-shaped motif at level 40.

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Level 50: Silver Plate – VSS

Still dominating the silver color, you will get a special VSS skin at level 50 called Silver Plate – VSS.

Level 50: Royal Finish

As for the RP Elite prize at level 50, you will get a special aircraft skin called Royal Finish. This skin is dominated by silver and blue with a few golden motifs making it look even more luxurious.

Level 60: Silverstar Outfit

At level 60 you will get a change from the Whitestar outfit to Silverstar. This time, the skin outfit has a bluish design that makes it look luxurious.

Level 60: Silverstar Headgear

Of course, you will also get the Silverstar Headgear as a complement to the Silverstar skin set, you will also get this headgear at level 60.

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Level 70: Samurai Ops

Don’t forget, of course PUBG Mobile will give an emote called Samurai Ops at level 70.

Level 80: Samurai Ops Helmet

Helmet lovers and collectors will certainly be happy when they get this helmet at level 80 called Samurai Ops Helmet!

Level 90: Samurai Ops – AKM

PUBG Mobile rarely gives AKM skins from RP Rewards, so don’t forget to upgrade your RP so you can get this Samurai Ops – AKM skin at level 90!

Level 100: Samurai Ops Outfit

At the peak level or level 100, you will get a mythic skin set called the Samurai Ops Outfit.

Level 100: Samurai Ops Headgear

Of course, you can get Headgear Samurai Ops simultaneously at level 100.

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Based on our explanation above, which gift is your favorite? Thank you for listening!


I liked playing PUBG Mobile from the early season when there was no RP, but it’s still 11 12 with bots until now hehe