PUBG Mobile KD, is it still an important thing in 2021?

Since the changes to the PUBG Mobile KD system, many things have happened for the gameplay. There were also many players with small KD, but the gameplay and mentality were more formed when compared to the big KD players.

PUBG Mobile KD, is it still an important thing in 2021?

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1. Strategy is more important

Now many PUBG Mobile players with small KD but can kill players with large KD. This is due to a meta change in the PUBG Mobile game after the KD system changes in Season 13.

Players are now more concerned with how to win the game strategy with a lot of kills, not just collecting the number of kills. A better playing strategy is also important when it comes to the number of KDs.

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2. The number of kills will adjust the skill

Too many players were more concerned with the number of kills than their own skills. For example, many players are scrambling to get BOT to increase their kill count.

Or in the past, many players deliberately played on other servers in order to find more BOT. But the good news is, now players can’t switch servers at will anymore, you know! So it is hoped that the game will be even more fair.

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3. Pro Player Wasn’t Born From Just K / D

To become a pro player, of course, not only KD is seen. Many players deliberately hire KD push jockeys to be accepted into a certain clan. Of course this is a big problem for players who are fighting fairly.

Therefore, for example, there have been many clan acceptance that use trials to their prospective members by inviting the player to play classic or scrim with the clan administrators.

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4. Other Player Skills Also Develop

If you are confused about why it is difficult to find a lot of kills, it could be because the player already has better playing skills than you. So it’s hard to find a kill because of your own skills.

Therefore, keep playing and practicing to hone your skills to be even better, huh!

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Based on our explanation above, hopefully this article can help you understand whether KD statistics are still important in 2021. Thank you for listening!