PUBG Mobile Metro Royale Pass Season 16 Rewards

Currently PUBG Mobile has entered Season 16 with the theme of Metro. This is because the presence of this season coincides with the presence of the Metro Royale game mode, which is the result of collaboration with Metro Exodus. So this time we will provide information about the Metro Royale Pass Season 16 PUBG Mobile prizes that can be targeted by players during this season.

PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game known for its complex gameplay. Not only that, various attractive offers and innovations make players not easily bored in playing this battle royale game. The game’s latest innovation is to present the Metro Royale game mode, which is the result of collaboration between PUBG Mobile and Metro Exodus.

In this latest game mode, PUBG Mobile players will feel a new and different game sensation. With a tense post apocalyptic setting, players will come face to face with mutant monsters that have mutated due to the effects of nuclear radiation. Apart from that, there were also two groups of bandits who made it very difficult for players in the game because they would loot the players’ supplies.

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This season is called PUBG Mobile Season 16 Metro with a seasonal Royale Pass called Metro Royale Pass. A variety of attractive prizes with the theme of Metro Royale are ready for you to get this season. So for those of you who are curious about what prizes are offered in the Royale Pass this season, here is the list.

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PUBG Mobile Metro Royale Pass Season 16 Rewards

Metro Royale Pass rewards

PUBG Mobile Season 16 Metro presents a variety of attractive offers typical of Metro Royale. Players will also meet various events for the next few times. There are two types of Royale Pass that players can buy, namely the Elite Pass for 600 UC and the Elite Pass PLus for 1800 UC.

The following is a list of rewards for the Metro Royale Pass Season 16 PUBG Mobile.

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  • RP 1: Anna B’s Outfit Set or Artyom’s Outfit Set, and Metal Medley Weapon Skin – DP28

Anna Outfit B
Artyom Outfit
Metal Medley â ????  DP28
  • RP 10: Metal Medley Smoke Grenade

  • RP 20: Get Hype emote and Angry Chicken Helmet

Angry Chicken Helmet
  • RP 25: Happy Dance Rules emote

  • RP 30: Evacuation Point Parachute and Metal Medley Airplane

  • RP 40: Metal Medley – Crowbar

Metal Medley Crowbar
  • RP 50: Cyber ​​Enforcer Outfit Set and Venomous Skull Weapon Skin – UZI

Cyber ​​Enforcer Set
Venomous Skull - UZIÂ
  • RP 55: Cyber ​​Enforcer Headgear

Cyber ​​Enforcer Headgear
  • RP 60: Night Terror emote

  • RP 70: Punk Rhino Backpack

Punk Rhino Backpack
  • RP 80: Metal Owl Ornament

  • RP 90: Metal Medley – SCAR

  • RP 100: Night Terror and Night Terror Headgear Outfit Set

Night Terror Outfit
Night Terror Headgear

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That’s the info about the Metro Royale Pass Season 16 PUBG Mobile prizes that can be your target for the next season. There are still about two months to go, PUBG Mobile Season 16 Metro takes place. Therefore, set your best strategy to be able to do a push rank and collect as much RP as possible to get a variety of Metro Royale Pass Season 16 prizes above. Thank you!