PUBG Mobile S12K Shotgun Tips, Semi Rusher!

PUBG is a game with the battle royale genre that has a high level of seriousness. To get winner winner chicken dinner you have to win the match. Of course it takes a mature strategy, one of which is to find the best weapon. This time we will give PUBG Mobile S12K Shotgun Tips

In a battle royale game, preparing the best weapons is an important part of strategizing in each match. A good weapon will support your game performance. Therefore it is natural that players fight for the best weapons when looting at the beginning of the match.

Each weapon has its own level. Some are really deadly and there are also weapons that are underestimated because these weapons are classified as underrated weapons. Even though some underrated weapons can be deadly weapons. So here are PUBG Mobile S12K Shotgun Tips

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S12K: Semi-automatic Shotgun

In the description of the weapons in the PUBG game, it is stated that the S12K is the only semi-automatic shotgun type weapon in this game. Semi-automatic means that this weapon can shoot automatically and can also be used quickly because you don’t need to cock the weapon every time you shoot. But the drawback of this weapon is that it has high recoil. This is the problem when players use this one weapon.

Like other shotguns, this weapon is a melee weapon with a high damage of 22. Even one shot is enough to get a kill. The number of magazines for this weapon is 5 bullets with a 12 gauge ammo type.

The S12K has 3 slot attachments that can also be used by Assault Riffle (AR) weapons and vice versa. The three attachments of the S12K are magazines, muzzle, sights.

PUBG Mobile S12K Shotgun Tips

This weapon is a good weapon for beginners to use. Even though the recoil of this weapon is quite large, the semi-automatic mechanism of this weapon is quite helpful. As a melee weapon, of course the S12K will be very deadly to use at close range. So use this weapon at close range.

Other tips are tips that are a bit difficult to do. As a semi-automatic weapon, the reloading speed of the S12K weapon is not too fast. Of course, reloading speeds that are not too fast will be an obstacle when doing a war. The bullets run out while we need time to reload.

Now the way to overcome this problem is to look for an Extended Quickdraw Mag magazine attachment. This magazine is tricky to find in the competition arena because this magazine can also be used for AR weapons. By using the Extended Quickdraw Mag S12K will get more bullets, which is 8 bullets. In addition, the reloading speed of the weapon is faster than usual.

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Those are the short tips for the S12K weapon. Semi-automatic shotgun weapon suitable for beginners. Thank you! Don’t forget to follow my esports instagram!