PUBG Mobile Weekend Cheer Event, Attractive Prizes Await You!

If you are a loyal PUBG Mobile player or player, surely you will realize that the game you are playing is a game whose developer holds events the most.

The events that are held are always interesting and the requirements or missions they offer are never difficult. Not only that, the prizes offered are certainly in accordance with the mission they are asking for.

On this occasion, we will discuss the daily PUBG Mobile event called Weekend Cheer. What are the details of the event? Come on, see the explanation below!

Prizes and Missions Offered

First prize

The first prize is by giving likes or chicken to your profile to your friends as many as 5 people, then you will get a prize in the form of 5 pieces of silver fragments. Silver fragments can be used to purchase items or skins in the Redeem Section.

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Second Prize

The second prize you will get three cans of paint for Guncraft, a countless number considering the prize offered is an Epic Item, so the mission offered is quite difficult.

You are asked to review your friends twice, this becomes difficult if you have passed several matches but none of your friends are paralyzed.

If any of your friends have been paralyzed by the enemy, try to help them or review them to complete this second mission.

Third Prize

Your third prize will get a coupon like or hearts in the form of grilled chicken that you can give to your friends’ profiles to increase their popularity.

The way to get it is that you need to revive your friends 5 times. If you have successfully completed the second mission, then you only need to add 3 more revives.

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Fourth Prize

The fourth prize that will be given by this Weekend Cheer event is one classic piece that you can use to exchange attractive prizes using the Classic coupon.

To get it, you only need to get in the top 10 in Classic mode together with your friends three times or 3 matches.

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Fifth Prize

The fifth prize offered is two pieces for the Classic Crate coupon, the method for doing it is still the same as in the fourth mission, it’s just that in this fifth mission you need to be in the top 10 for five times.

If you have successfully completed the fourth mission, you only need to add two more times to being ranked 10 in the classic mode game with your friends.

Tips for completing this mission easily is to play on servers that you rarely play. If you often play on Asian servers, try to play on servers with low rankings like North America.

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Based on our explanation above, which Weekend Cheer event prize do you like the most? Thank you for listening!


I liked playing PUBG Mobile from the early season when there was no RP, but it’s still 11 12 with bots until now hehe