PUBG Mobile’s Treasure Hunter event, what codes?

Apart from interesting gameplay and stunning graphic details, PUBG Mobile also presents interesting events. One of them is currently taking place, namely the PUBG Mobile Treasure Hunter Event. PUBG Mobile is a game with the best battle royale genre that presents a more serious style of play.

In any game, events that are present at a certain time on a regular basis are very much eagerly awaited. Not only because of the many exciting challenges but also attractive prize offers.

Likewise in every event that is presented in this PUBG Mobile game. Now the event that is currently taking place is the Treasure Hunter event. Here’s more info.

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Treasure Hunter event at PUBG Mobile

This PUBG Mobile event will take place from 30 July 2020 to 6 August 2020 tomorrow. The challenge that you must fulfill in this event is to find nine ancient statues in the Erangel map. The statues are scattered in three areas on the map. By getting all these statues you will get the Mystical Feline Set.

Secret Password

Apart from the main method above, you can also get statues by using the PUBG Mobile Treasure Hunter Event password or secret code. Each code can only be used three times. Here is a list of secret codes for 9 locations on the Erangel folder.

Location 1

Location 2

Location 3

Location 4

Location 5

Location 6

Location 7

Location 8

Location 9

How to Use the Secret Password for the PUBG Mobile Treasure Hunter Event

  1. Enter the main page of the Treasure Hunter event
  2. Click Secret Code Treasure Hunter PUBG Mobile in the lower left corner of the page
  3. Enter the secret code and click ok

Of the three codes provided for the nine locations, you must find 3x the code that has not been used by other players. If the code has been used 3x attempts by other players, then your chance to use the code has been lost.

You just have to try to enter one of the Event Treasure Hunter codes provided above in the code input field. If you get an error message like “the invitation code is already used 3 times ” that’s a sign that the code is no longer usable. So from that you can try other PUBG Mobile Treasure Hunter Event codes. Good luck!

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That’s the info about the Treasure Hunter PUBG Mobiler Event that is currently taking place. Even though there are some secret ciphers to make it easier for you to get the statue, taking on challenges is much more fun. Thank you! Don’t forget to follow my esports instagram!