Rafael Free Fire (FF) Review, Skills, Tips & Trick

On this occasion, I will discuss the review of the Rafael Free Fire (FF) character which is often used by Free Fire players. The FF Rafael character is very good to use in matches.

There are various types of characters in the Free Fire game such as Kelly, Laura, Rafael and others. Of the many characters in the Free Fire game, who are your heroes?

Rafael is one of the mainstay FF ​​characters of Free Fire game players who is often referred to as an assassin. His ability is that he can eliminate himself when he is fighting. This can make the opponent unaware of his whereabouts, here is Rafael’s chance to conquer his opponents.

On this occasion we will conduct a Rafael Free Fire (FF) Review, Skills, Tips & Trick which aims to educate you, especially those who are true FF players! Curious? Here’s the full review!

Rafael Free Fire (FF) Review Reviews, Skills, Tips & Trick

Rafael is a Free Fire (FF) character for camper players. Rafael is an assassin with his “Dead Silent” skill

Rafael FF’s character is one of the murderers who are dangerous but noble. Rafael’s goal is to protect and bring justice in this world. In the Free Fire game, Rafael has the ability to disappear for 8 seconds. Here is a golden opportunity to finish off his opponent without being seen.

This type of Rafael FF character can be used for any genre, be it solo, duo or squad. This character has the ability to disappear that cannot be seen by his opponents while fighting for 8 seconds. To do this, there is a button that must be used so that this skill can be activated.

Rafael’s character is very similar to Wukong, when Wukong activates this skill, he will turn into grass. The purpose of this one ability is to trick the opponent. It is suitable for those of you who want to kill their opponents secretly.

To get this one character, you have to buy a bundle package of 1999 diamonds. Those are just discount prices, for the normal price you have to buy a bundle of 3000 diamonds. you will get an attractive bonus if you buy this one character.

Rafael Character Skills ff

The skill that the Rafael Free Fire Review has is “Dead Silent”. The dead slinet skill is one of the skills that can be used to remove oneself in a short time, which is 8 seconds.

That way, you can launch one or two attacks on your opponent without being seen using the Rafael FF character.

For this Rafael FF character has a cooldown time of 90 seconds and will continue to decrease if the level continues to increase. At level 2 it will decrease to 80 seconds, at level 3 it will decrease to 70 seconds, at level four it will decrease to 60 seconds, and at level five you will get a mercenary jacket.

The sixth level will again decrease to 50 seconds, the 7th level will get an item, namely Deadly Assassin and at the last level it will be reduced to 40 seconds. It is at this last level that the enemy will die instantly by this one character.


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Tips & Trick Character of Rafael free fire

How to use the Rafael free fire character, don’t use it to attack at first. Rafael’s character type is finishing.

Let the enemy attack first, if there is already a flaw or an opportunity to kill him, all you have to do is use the skills that this one character has.

Take advantage of your friends first to move forward, when it’s time for you to release the Rafael free fire character move that disappears to finish off his opponents.

Although only given 8 seconds with the Rafael free fire character skill, the chance to kill your opponent is very big. Make sure you are good at finishing so you can kill the opponent.

That is some information about Rafael’s character in the Free Fire game. Hopefully this information is useful for all of you, thank you.

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