Reasons for Grapling Hook Free Fire Must be Nerf FF

Now there are several reasons for the need for Grapling Hook Free Fire in Nerf FF, we certainly know about the items that are presented in the game. So that you can be even better when you compete, and you will also become stronger with it. Try to know too, the reason that makes Grapling Hook free fire must really be given a severe nerf.

The items that are presented in the Free Fire game, there are indeed a lot. Then we can also take advantage of this, so that we can be even better when playing. The Best Free Fire Looting Items right now, will help you play too. That way, one of them is Grapling Hook, where when you use it, it’s really Easy to Win.

Even so, it turns out to be Grapling Hook, so many players have asked for this Dinerf. I wonder why? Just look at that reason directly in the article below right now.

The following are the reasons for the FF grapling hook to be nerf free fire:

1. Easy to Use Once

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Grapling Hook can be used to get on top of buildings quickly, and it is very easy for us to use until now. Of course this is of course, will still be things we need to know if it is true that the Grapling Hook needs to be badly nerfed.

You don’t need to guide it properly as long as there is a wall, we will be able to do it using this item later. So that way all of you certainly quite agree, if for example this item has to get a pretty bad Nerf later.

2. Long Shooting Range

Even though it is only used to climb on high buildings, we definitely know that the shooting distance of this weapon is indeed very far away. This is the reason why you will definitely feel annoyed to see the enemy using this item from a great distance, of course.

For example, the distance is like this, you are in A and want to go up to building E. Now you just have to point at the top position, then shoot to reach that location. Automatically, you can immediately arrive and will be carried away, at the location that was directed earlier. This nerf must be present, in the Shooting Range section too.

3. Used to escape

If you trade and fight enemies in a 1 vs 1 battle, we will definitely know who will win in that case. But if for example the enemy has a grapling hook, it will be easier for him to escape again to move places in a fast way too.

Things like this are the most problematic for many players, because we also have to know that for example this is quite annoying. The enemy you are fighting, only has a few more HP shots. The point is running away using the Grapling Hook, you don’t need to aim, just shoot the walls, you can run away.

4. Easy to get

Apart from having many excellent advantages, of course it needs to be in Nerf because of this last point. Grapling Hook is one item that is very easy, for us to get in the Kalahari Map match. You guys can find the Grapling Hook, use the usual looting method.

Of course with so many players who frequently use this item in that mode. So of course in this way it is only natural, if indeed the Grapling Hook item needs to be removed. Because of 3 reasons and easy to find, surely that is what strengthens this weapon’s nerf later.

Grapling hooks are indeed the best item in this Free Fire game, but we need to know that we have to nerf them later. But you have to also read the name Benefits of Grapling Hook Free Fire, where this will help you when you compete later too.

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