Reasons for Mobile Legends Not Selling Outside of SEA (ML)

As a moba game that often appears and is played by SEA residents, unfortunately ML doesn’t sell well outside. Some of the reasons for not selling Mobile Legends outside of SEA might make some sense. The development of Moonton with Mobile Legends, which is considered less courageous to touch SEA output, is not very good. The funny thing is, ML itself does not sell well in China which is dominated by KoG.

Even though it has a fairly high playerbase and a pro scene that looks active too, but it doesn’t attract many people outside. Most of them are not at all interested in Mobile Legends.

Even so, ML can be said to be king in SEA and its surroundings. You can see this from the active playerbase and also each competition with high viewership. For those who are curious, you can see it.

Reasons for Mobile Legends Not Selling Outside of SEA

Here, let us discuss the reasons why Mobile Legends does not sell well outside SEA. The high interest of ML players seems to be inversely proportional to gamers outside of SEA or other regions.

Here are the reasons for those of you who are curious:

  • In the Plagiarism Cap Game
  • Bad UX
  • Moonton is indeed inactive outside of SEA
  • Mobile Game, Less Interest
  • Pay 2 Win

Let’s discuss in more depth about some of the factors that are here. It’s just my opinion, so if you want to argue here, it’s fine too.

Stamped Plagiarism Game

Yes, it is not strange anymore that ML has been labeled a plagiarism game by many people since the allocation of plagriation with Riot. They use a lot of skills and models similar to other games.

Most often, the victims of ML are LoL, Dota, and KoG. This is because these three games are the biggest moba in the world today and are an easy target for Ml. According to many people this is a negative side and they are reluctant to play ML.

Bad UX

For the UX, to be honest, it’s really bad. Starting from the very clutter-free home screen, bad color selection and makes the eyes tired, to the English translation which is very messy and has many mistakes.

UX ML looks very bad and is considered an unprofessional game. This is the reason many people are reluctant to play ML, not to mention the cringe ads that often appear on various websites.

Moonton is indeed inactive outside of SEA

Already less popular, Moonton is also less active in promoting their games outside the SEA region. Just look at EU and NA, which are barely touched by Mobile Legends and Moonton so they are not very popular.

Maybe this is because Moonton doesn’t want any risks. Given the lack of interest, they only focus on SEA and a few countries. Outperformed by culture and other regional ecosystems perhaps.

Mobile Game, Less Interest

Yes, this includes the ecosystem of several other regions. Only SEA considers mobile games as serious games. If it’s not a PC or console game it will be difficult to get popular in other regions.

Pay 2 Win

This is what really feels the most, namely pay2win. Skins add stats, expensive heroes, emblems that are difficult to complete without playing for a long time or spending money, and others. Other people will also immediately refuse to play ML.

Those are some of the reasons Mobile Legends doesn’t sell well outside of SEA. This is just a personal opinion, so if you don’t agree, it doesn’t matter. Maybe because you have other opinions that are different from this. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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