Recap of the 3 Latest FF March 2020 Event Free Fire 2020

There is a recap of the latest FF March 2020 Free Fire 2020 event that we provide specifically for lovers of this game. As we know, Free Fire is one of the most famous Battle Royale games until now, and even became one of the best games in 2019 yesterday.

The total free fire players who have played the game have exceeded 250 million players from all over the world. Of course, with this large total, Garena will continue to present interesting events and updates for the players.

Garena free fire has also presented many interesting features that you can use in this game, even these features are quite beneficial for you. The events that are presented are also very interesting, because in these events you can get lots of prizes, of course. So that besides playing, you can get a prize from the mission that was completed at the event.

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In March 2020, it turns out that Garena has presented many interesting events that you can try. Of course, you shouldn’t miss these events, because they have quite easy prizes and missions.

Now on this occasion we will provide some information on the Recapitulation of the Latest Free Fire 2020 March 2020 Event

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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  1. Jota Party – Spin Joe Taslim Free Fire

In this first event and it is not to be missed is Spin Jota. This is where at this event we can get a new character with strong abilities. Jota ff is the original and first character from Indonesia, this character is a sign of appreciation. If you want to spin Jota FF, you only need a gold medal free fire helmet token

Because Joe Taslim free fire has become the Official Brand Ambassador of the Free Fire Indonesia game. Even this character is a meta for now, besides that you can get Jota for free at this event. So of course, it shouldn’t be missed.

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  1. Mr Smile’s mask

The second event that you shouldn’t miss is the Mr Smile Mask Event, in this event you will get a free Mr Smile Mask. But before that, you have to collect the Tokens that are already available in the mission.

So even if you have a mission, this event is quite easy to follow. Even to get the token, you have to play in the match and we recommend playing in Classic mode only. You can get this free fire mask for free

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  1. Mystery Shop Event 8.0

Now for those of you who are sultans in the Free Fire game and want to collect all the Skins in it, you can’t miss the Mystery Shop 8.0 free fire event. At this event, you will be presented with 2 Bundle Samurai free fire Faceless and Blindfold which are quite cool.

Even if you take part in the event, you will later get a random discount. If you are lucky, discounts can be obtained up to 90%. But keep in mind, before opening the main prize you have to buy items in the event until you reach the target diamonds issued.

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So that’s the recap of the latest Free Fire 2020 FF March 2020 event that you shouldn’t miss. How? Have you completed the Spin Jota event to get Free characters?

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.


I prefer to play free fire with friends rather than solo push rank. Because he keeps losing and also likes trolling squad mates