Recca Esports Doesn’t Participate in MDL Indonesia Season 2!

Previously there was news that in the Mobile Legends Development Indonesia Season 2 tournament there will be a team that does not or resign. Investigate, Recca Esports is the team that did not participate in the MDL ID Season 2.

The tournament, which is ready to be held on August 10, 2020, is the second season which was previously held at the beginning of the 2020 season. This one tournament presents various new talents with very high potential to continue fighting in higher tournaments.

One of the teams participating in the MDL ID Season 2 is Recca Esports, where this team was the runner-up champion in the MDL ID Season 1 yesterday who successfully fought fiercely with Victim Espports in the Grand Final round.

Recca Esports managed to fight very well with a score of 2: 3 which at that time Recca Esports had to be patient because it lost to Victim Esports. However, explaining the second half of MDL Season 2, Recca Esports will certainly not participate to compete again in the second biggest Mobile Legends championship in Indonesia.

This is confirmed with certainty on one of the official accounts of MDL Indonesia which has announced its roster. On this account, each roster has been officially presented, but there is no Recca Esports team on that account.

The list of teams that will compete in the 2020 Moble Legends Development League will be 11 people, of which there is an empty slot which is unlikely to be entered by the new team at MDL Season 2 which will take place next month.

Victim Esports Won MDL Season 1
  • Victim Espotrs
  • Siren Esports
  • RRQ Sena
  • ONIC Prodigy
  • Gendix Aeorowolf Jr
  • Alter Ego X
  • EVOS Esports
  • Aura Esports
  • Geek Fam Jr
  • Bigetron Bravo

Those are the eleven teams that will participate in MDL Indonesia Season 2 with a total of 11 teams, without Recca Esports who will compete in the tournament.

In fact, Recca Esports’ absence from MDL Indonesia Season 2 was noticed long ago by one of the XCN players leaking that there would be a team that would not participate in MDL ID Season 2.

The leak was first mentioned at one of RevivalTV’s Planet Esports events when XCN Erlangga Putra and Victim’s Manager Richel said that only 11 teams will compete in MDL ID Season 2.

Not only that, they also said that later there would be no team to replace the slot, which means that MDL ID Season 2 will only compete with 11 teams.


Until now, unfortunately, there has been no confirmation about the origin of Recca Esports to come from MDL ID Season 2. So in your opinion, why do you think the team is no longer participating in MDL ID Season 2? Even though the skills they have are qualified enough to compete in the championship.

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