Release Date and Price of the New Skin for Lancelot Swordmaster Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is one of the best games you can play right now, in this one game there is a new skin every month, now one of them is the Lancelot Swordmaster skin, this is the release date for the new skin for Lancelot Swordmaster in Mobile Legends.

Lancalet is reportedly getting a new skin, which is the same super hero skin as Bruno’s skin, which was released earlier. Taking a super hero theme like Marvel, this skin is very interesting for you to wait.

On this occasion, we will provide a leak of Lancelot’s latest skin with the name Swordmaster, which is one of the coolest super hero skins in Mobile Legends.

Release Date for Lancelot Swordmaster’s New Skin in Mobile Legends

Lancelot Swordmaster is a new skin for the lancelot assassin hero who has the superhero skin caste, which is a new category for the Mobile Legends game.

Until now there is only Bruno’s skin who is a superhero, and now we will have another new caste skin, namely the swordmaster for the hero Lancelot.

The new skin for Lancelot Swordmaster will reportedly be released on September 17, 2020, the date itself has not yet been confirmed, we will immediately make the latest update if we get the exact date.


Price for the new Lancelot Swordaster Skin 2020 in Mobile Legends

The skin with the newest caste in the Mobile Legends game, of course, you are definitely curious about the price of the new skin for Lancelot in Mobile Legends this time, which this new skin has a superhero caste that you can get by spinning at the upcoming event.

The price itself is definitely more expensive than the Epic Limited skins that you usually get at the Epic Showcase Event or the Lucky Box event. Now to propose the new skin for Lancelot Swordmaster in Mobile Legend, you must prepare around 6700 diamonds which are slightly cheaper than the Legend skins in Mobile Legends.

You will get a swordmaster skin, hero elimination effects, battle emoticons and also a new frame specifically for the skin of the swordmaster hero Lancelot, of course you can get all of that by spending 6000 to 7000 diamonds, which if converted into around IDR 2,000,000. Worth buying?

For additional leaks, later not only Lancelot heroes will get hero skins in Mobile Legends. For the upcoming hero skins, we will also have a new skin on Chou’s hero, which for the appearance of the design itself has been shown.

So that’s the release date and price for the new skin of Lancelot sword master in Mobile Legends, where this new skin will be released soon. So, prepare your diamonds from now on.

Lancelot as a hero who is quite popular among the heroes of Mobile Legends will certainly not be strange anymore to get cool skins. But you must get this skin if you are a heavyweight Lancelot player.

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