Results of Super Weekend Week 2 Days 4 PMWL 2020!

After playing for 5 consecutive matches, the 16 teams in the PMWL 2020 tournament will now play to earn points at the Super Weekend to qualify for the next round. These are the Results of Super Weekend Week 2 Days 4 PMWL 2020!

In the Super Weekend Week 2 Days 4 PMWL 2020 match, it presents the best moments during the match. In the results of Super Weekend Week 2 Days 4 PMWL 2020, again BTR RA managed to calm the top of the standings and make Indonesia proud in the National arena.

Results of Super Weekend Week 2 Days 4 PMWL 2020!

In the Weekend Week 2 Days 4 PMWL 2020 round, BTR RA said that one of their best rivals is TSM Entity, because the team at Weekend Week 2 days 1 managed to show their fangs and interest very well.

Even though on the first day of Weekend Week 2, TSM Entity was an ordinary team. But this time, TSM Entity managed to get 3 WWCDs from the first 2 days of this Super Weekend!

One of the most epic moments in the tournament this time was one of the TSM players Jonatahan, where he managed to survive alone for more than 20 minutes and managed to get WWCD on match 5 in Erangel.

Unfortunately for the BTR RA team at this time, unfortunately they have not been able to get WWCD, but they managed to play consistently and were able to maintain their position. BTR RA on matches 1 and 2 played less well, but at 3 to 5, they played quite well with quite a lot of damage and kills.

They also played with very good rotations and played it safe, even though the BTR RA had trouble predicting its final zone. But even so, they got a kill to a pretty good oin placement.

As in the previous match, their toughest opponent was RRQ Athena, who were both experiencing difficulties as experienced by BTR RA. However, they continued to play consistently until the end of the match.

For other teams, namely Box Gaming managed to play quite well, Time managed to get second place by getting one WWCD today. They played consistently and managed to get lots of kills and point placements. That way, Box Gaming managed to get 3rd place in the provisional standings.

The results of the Super Weekend Week 2 Days 4 PMWL 2020 are quite surprising, because one of the teams that is considered to have an ordinary performance, at Super Weekend Week 2 Day 4 is starting to show its fangs. Despite playing very well, TSM Eternity was ranked 10th with 1x WWCD with 113 placement points and a total of 197 points.


So what do you think about the results of the Super Weekend Week 2 Days 4 PMWL 2020 this time? Of course it’s quite tense, isn’t it, which team that seemed normal in the previous few matches, is now a team to watch out for in the next match?

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