Review of the Latest A124 FF Character and Free Fire Tips

Free fire is a game that has a Battle Royale type that has a character in the game, these characters will make you better and have a cool appearance in the game. You can get the characters in the Free Fire game for free or buy the ones with Diamond Free Fire in the Game Shop. It has been reported that there is another new character in the game. These are the new characters of A124 Free Fire and the combination of A124 FF that you can get now!

The new character A124 Free Fire will be a character that is perfect for those of you who always play with always rushing. This character has skills that are really suitable for rsuhers who are always rioting in the game. Who is she?

New Character A124 Free Fire And A124 FF Combination!

The new character A124 Free Fire has the advantage of the unique skills possessed by A124. This character adds neither the capacitance to the bullet nor the accuracy. New Character A124 Free Fire has a skill that converts Energy Points (EP) to Health Points (HP).

With this, when you are using the new character A124 Free Fire, you don’t need to be afraid when you are doing something barbaric even though you don’t even have a Medic Kit. Because the function that the Medic Kit has can be replaced with mushrooms.

But always remember and make sure you are near an area that has mushrooms so you can immediately use it when your cellphone is about to run out. The skills that other heroes have combined, A124 are very flexible and really adapt to your respective playing styles. You like AR-Type Weapons, then use the Paloma Character, want to play rush with SMG using the Nikita Character.

The current A124 might be said to be a tank character that is very suitable and optimal in any squad. The reason is because he, who does not have strong synergy, is his advantage. A124 is an independent character so you can use it freely.

The main advantage is in his skills. Being able to change EP to HP makes the A124 very dangerous if used properly. It’s not a problem to use the A124 in rushing or for clutching when cornered later.

Even he who rarely gets nerf or buff is proof that A124 is a balanced character. Very balanced and suitable for use, he is very suitable for all skill levels.

For those of you who are beginners or veterans, A124 is the right character. You can rely on his skills which are not that complicated and of course can be a character that elevates you.

So for those of you who want to play more relaxed and also still have high impact, A124 is the right character. His strong skill and can be used in various situations is certainly very useful. So a tank can, a rusher can, clutching can, snowballing can, the A124 is a versatile and versatile character.

It can be said, all characters in Free Fire are suitable to be paired with A124 because the nature of the skills possessed by A124 is more about increasing the character’s sustain. Not specific to how you play or use weapons.

Combo Combination A124 FF

There are several characters that can be combined with A124 characters to support the game.

Look specifically at the increase in EP and associated with Fungus. Then the name that is suitable to be a combination of A124 Characters is the Maxim Character. The skill possessed by this character will make you eat mushrooms faster and make it faster for you to use the Medic Kit.

Not only Maxim, because A124 is actually more supported by buffer characters. Characters like Kapella and Alok are the best combinations for the A124. How could he not, himself who was already very strong and difficult to kill with a buff would be even more terrifying.

Usually with Kapella or Alok will be the front lines. Either as a rusher, entry, or second fragger, you can do everything. A124 is a character that can be used by those of you who are often confused about what character to use when playing in a good team. With the buff A124 is a very strong character.

The weapons used by the A124 Character are unlimited. So you will be able to use weapons according to your skills while using this character.

A124 but has two types of weapons that are suitable for use, namely AR and shotgun. The reason is because these two types of weapons have very high firepower and are suitable for use in various situations. AR + Shotgun is also a weapon combination that A124 often carries because you can take advantage of both.

But remember that his skills require EP which will be very difficult for you to manage. So when using AR and a shotgun, don’t be too barbaric, because it can harm yourself later.

Things that you have to pay attention to again, even though the skills possessed by A124 are very good, aka changing EP to HP. But you also have to prepare Medic Kit in your items. If you always rely on the existing mushrooms and ignore the Medic Kit. You will also bleed to death if you always rely on the existing mushrooms.

Not necessarily mushrooms are always there when you are in need of them. So you also have to always be ready with a supply of Medic Kits that you take from looting in places before.

That’s a little A124 FF guide for those of you who are still a little confused about using this character. It is also worth buying for those of you who are confused about what character to buy next. Extremely robust and fits in a variety of situations and the team makes the A124 a great buy.

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