Sapphire FF Token for Free Fire Permanent Bundle

As all free fire players know that Garena is opening an advance free fire server. Where players can try everything for free for the next latest update. At this time Garena held a new free fire event. Can be followed by collecting Sapphire FF Tokens and Ruby FF for the Free Fire Permanent Blue Angel Bundle

As we know, the advance server update will have a lot of new things that you will get. Starting from two new characters,new pet named robo, new weapon skins, and finally a new free fire map. All of that you can get when you become the chosen player on the advance free fire server.

Sapphire FF Token for Free Fire Permanent Bundle

Along with the presence of an advance server free fire. Garena free fire is holding a new event which has a permanent grandprize skin bundle for female characters. Players can get a permanent bundle for free just by completing existing missions. After that you will get a token which can be exchanged for a blue angel free fire skin bundle.

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With this event, players who only have fingers (read: free player) will be even more happy. Because these free fire players don’t need to spend to get a permanent skin bundle. To get the bundle is not difficult where players have to collect only two types of tokens. Then, how do you get the token tokens?

How to Get Garena Sapphire Tokens

Players who want to get the blue angel free fire bundle must complete the given missions. When you log in, you will get x2 Sapphire Free Fire Tokens. Then, you will get an additional x1 sapphire token when it is 500 damage. Furthermore, the same will get x1 Token Sapphire Free Fire if it has dealt 1000 damage.

Meanwhile, when you play free fire then it reaches 2000 damage that you give to your opponent. Then you have the right to get x2 Sapphire Free Fire Tokens to be exchanged for the blue angel free fire bundle. Very easy, right?

In this event, besides you also collect by removing damage to your opponent. You can also collect sapphire ff tokens by playing in free fire as many missions as there are. Players will get one sapphire token if they complete 5 free fire games.

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Furthermore, you will get it every multiple of 5 games. Of course, you can get other attractive prizes besides the Sapphire Free Fire Token after playing 5 matches !.

Free fire players who have completed the mission are entitled to the sapphire free fire token. You can exchange it for a blue angel free fire bundle. Unfortunately, blue sapphire is not enough.

You must also get a ruby ​​free fire token at this blue angel event. Those of you who want to get ruby ​​ff tokens must play it on the peak day of this event. Chances are you will receive a different mission from the sapphire ff token or it could be the same.

Make sure you log in at the peak of this event which falls on December 7 to 8. So, you know how to get ruby ​​freefire tokens to exchange them for the permanent blue angel free fire skin bundle.

That’s how you can get the Sapphire FF Token for the Free Fire Permanent Bundle at this event. So, let’s complete the mission and get the sapphire ff token for the angel free fire bundle !. Greetings booyah!