Skin Epic ML Grock Codename: Rhino, Cool Beetle Mecha Mobile Legends!

Good news comes for you users of the hero tank Grock. Moonton, the developer of the Mobile Legends game, presents a brand-new ML skin for Tank Grock’s hero. Grock, who previously had a mediocre appearance, but because of the presence of this skin, his appearance has changed drastically to be cooler.

The new skin for this Grock hero is a skin that has the name Codename: Rhino. The word Codename certainly reminds you of the Saber hero who previously also got skin legends with the name Codename: Storm. Of course you can already guess what kind of appearance Moonton will design for this Grock hero if you use the word Codename on his skin.

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This time a review of the latest Codename: Rhino skin is here for Grock’s tank hero. This skin that has a very modern design makes Grock look different from the previous skins. Codename: Rhino changes Grock’s appearance from being a stone to a sophisticated robot shaped like a rhino.

This skin is included in the Epic mobile legends skin category for this Grock hero. This very modern look is guaranteed to impress you. From the top of this skin, especially on the head, it is made like a rhino with one horn. Its blue eyes also make the appearance of this skin even more frightening.

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Epic Grock Skin Covered with Hard Metal

Switching to the body part of this Codename: Rhino skin, Grock’s body or body is covered with metal which is quite hard and very modern. Many accents have been given by Moonton to this epic Codename: Rhino skin. At first glance, Grock’s appearance has changed drastically from being a stone and then transformed by Moonton to have the appearance of a robot in the Gundam series.

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Grock, who is identical to carrying a weapon such as a stone hammer in his right hand, was also transformed by Moonton into a typical robot weapon. If you look at a glance from the weapons used from the Codename: Rhino skin, it looks like a robot sword whose blade part has a large body. Inside the blade, there is an electric current which certainly makes it look even more slick.

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Possible Price of Grock’s Latest Skin

Skin Codename: Rhino hero Grock, unfortunately it is not known when the exact release date. However, we already know the leaked price of this Epic skin, which is Rp 899 diamonds. When it’s released, you can buy this skin in the Shop section. For those of you who are indeed users of Grock’s hero, you must buy and are guaranteed not to regret it.

So that’s a review of the Skin ML Codename: Rhino from the Grock Mobile Legends hero. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. Wait for the skin and just buy it for those of you who are interested. That is all and thank you!