SLR or QBU which is Best QBU for the Sanhok PUBG Map?

Playing on the Sanhok map is fun for players who like to play passively because the contours and visibility in Sanhok are narrow, making players who play aggressively a little difficult to rotate.

Passive play usually uses long-range weapons such as DMR. One of the two DMRs on the Sanhok map is SLR and QBU. The question is, which of the two is the best? Check out the explanation below!

Is SLR or QBU the Best QBU?


Damage in long-range weapons like DMR is the thing most needed so that the enemy can be easily paralyzed and does not require a lot of bullets.

SLR itself has damage of 58 points, while the QBU itself can only produce 48 points for body hit damage.

Shoot Mode

Both firing modes have the same characteristic, namely there is no auto and burst mode. But a single mode with a slightly faster bullet distance so it is called semi-auto mode.

For those of you who have the skill to do tapping weapons quickly, you can certainly use this weapon like using auto mode.

Shooting Range

DMR is a weapon created for long-range combat, so it is a must for DMR weapons to have a long shooting range. SLR can cover a distance of 840 meters with one bullet.

Meanwhile, the QBU which has less damage turns out to be able to travel a greater distance, namely 945 meters per second using one bullet.


Magazine is one of the equipment that can increase the efficiency of the weapon when used. The more bullets that can be accommodated, the better.

The good news is, there is no difference in magazine capacity between the two. Both SLR and QBU can accommodate 10 bullets without using Extended Magazine, and up to 20 bullets when using Extended Magazine.


Attachments are equipment in weapons that can add to the weapon’s performance when used. SLR and QBU don’t have much difference in attachments.

Both can use Muzzle and Magazine which are owned by Assault Rifle (AR) and Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) type weapons. However, what distinguishes it is the Stock attachments slot that must be filled with the Cheek Pad on the SLR.

Based on our explanation above, hopefully this article can enlighten you about the differences in performance on SLR and QBU weapons at PUBG Mobile. Thank you!