Snowman Special Bundle, Cheap Top Up Solution to Get Free Mobile Legends Skins

Snowman Special is one of the fairly new Bundles presented by Moonton. To buy this one Bundle does issue a Budget, but it will pay off with a free skin prize after you buy the Bundle in the Mobile Legends game.

The reason that makes the Snowman Special Bundle a solution for you to buy this one bundle is of course because you can get skins for free after you buy the bundle. And you can even get special skins for only around Rp. 15,000. Of course this is interesting for you to try.

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide information about the Snowman Special Bundle which can be a solution for those of you who want to get free skins at a fairly cheap price. Not only getting diamonds like regular top ups, this one bundle also provides various other interesting items.

Prices and contents of the Snowman Special Bundle in Mobile Legends

For the price in each bundle, you can get it for only IDR 15,000. You have got several items as follows

  1. 55 Diamond
  2. 1 Rare Fragment
  3. 10 Crystals of Aurora
  4. 1 Potion Pot

Just like doing a diamond top up in general, for 15,000 you can get 55 diamonds, and not only that, what’s interesting is that you get various other items such as Potion Pot.

You can use this Potion Pot to draw at the Lucky Hit Event which can give you a free Skin, and of course you will be more profitable in making purchases.

It should be noted, to use it in the Lucky Spin Event itself, you can only exchange it after making 10 purchases. That means you have to spend around IDR 150,000 if you want to get a second Lucky Hit. But take it easy, for the first purchase you get guaranteed skin on Lucky Hit.

How to Buy a Special Snowman Bundle in Mobile Legends

The way to buy the Snowman Special Bundle is, of course, very easy to do, and it’s the same as doing a top up as usual. But you need to know, the contents of the Snowman Special Bundle itself are actually more profitable when compared to the usual bundle. Now for those who want to try, please use the following method.

First, please enter Mobile Legends game mode and enter the existing Lucky Hit Event page.

If not, you can also go straight to the diamond purchase menu as before and then look for the Snowman Special Bundle. Usually on the bottom

Make a Snowman Special Bundle purchase like the usual top up, you can use all the payment methods you can use.

Done, you have successfully purchased the Snowman Special Bundle in the Mobile Legends game, and can exchange Lucky Hit the first time you purchase.

In addition, the Snowman Special Bundle can only be purchased once in 10 days, where to make a second purchase and so on, you have to wait another 10 days.

So that’s an explanation of the Snowman Special Bundle regarding what it contains, the price and how to buy the item. Hopefully, the presence of the above reviews can be useful, especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers.