Some Things That Affect Ping in the PUBG Mobile Game

As a battle royale game that has complex gameplay, PUBG Mobile needs a lot of things to consider to be able to play it optimally. Especially about ping. In line with that, this time we will provide information about several things that affect ping in the PUBG Mobile game so that you can run this game more smoothly.

PUBG Mobile is a favorite battle royale game that has millions of active players spread all over the world. Indeed, a game with the battle royale genre offers a very interesting gameplay with its challenges. Especially in PUBG Mobile itself which provides complex and more complicated gameplay.

The graphics of the PUBG Mobile game alone are of good quality. Therefore, to be able to run this game smoothly, there are many things that must be addressed, especially regarding the specifications of the cellphone used. One of the things you should pay attention to is ping in the game.

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Some Things That Affect Ping in the PUBG Mobile Game

1. Network Connection Quality

The first point that you should pay attention to that affects ping in the PUBG Mobile game is the quality of the network connection. Playing on a bad connection will make the PUBG Mobile game run laggy or not smoothly. Therefore, improve network quality first.

If the quality of the network provider you are using is not stable, you can use a WiFi network which may be more stable. If the device specs are good but the quality of the network connection is not perfect, it will certainly make the game run smoothly.

2. RAM

The next thing that can consider pinging to play PUBG Mobile is RAM. When running an application, our cellphone RAM will be used. Therefore, for devices that run several applications at once, it will create lag in operating the cellphone.

If your RAM is bigger, of course it’s not a problem. Especially for playing PUBG Mobile games that require large RAM. Therefore, pay attention to the RAM size of your cellphone.

3. Processor

The next thing is still related to the specifications of the cellphones used to play the PUBG Mobile game, namely the Processor. With a good processor it will make the cellphone run applications more smoothly. Especially for playing heavy-sized games like PUBG Mobile, a special processor is needed for games.

4. Background Apps

Next is still about RAM, you have to pay attention to other applications that are being operated. The more applications that are run simultaneously with the PUBG Mobile game will certainly have an impact on the smooth running of this battle royale game application.

Therefore remove all other applications that are running in Recent Apps. That way your device RAM will be optimized to only play the PUBG Mobile game.

5. Auto Sync and Auto Update applications

The next thing to pay attention to is about other applications that use the Auto Sync and Auto Update features. Because to be able to play online games, you need a stable internet connection. If there are other applications that activate the Auto Sync, Auto Update, or even Auto Download features, it will disturb the stability of your network connection.

In addition, these applications will certainly fill RAM and internal memory for all the data that he updates or downloads. Of course it will create other applications that run simultaneously with the PUBG Mobile game.

6. Use the Mobile Gaming Booster Application

To simplify some of the points above, you can use the Mobile Gaming Booster application. By using this booster application it will automatically make your device’s performance optimal for playing a game like PUBG Mobile. This application will optimize RAM work by issuing other applications that aggravate RAM work.

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Those are some things that must be considered to make the ping quality in the PUBG Mobile game good so that the performance of the PUBG Mobile game becomes more optimal. Thank you!