Strengths and Weaknesses of Moskov Mobile Legends (ML)

Moskov is one of the heroes that is currently often played. Is a marksman hero who doesn’t know meta, this one hero is a favorite of many ML players, especially those who like to play heroes with high burst damage. Now for Moskov users, see the explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of Moskov in the Mobile Legends game.

We already know that Moskov is a marksman with high attack speed and burst damage. Its damage ability is able to penetrate to the rear of the opponent’s formation. With this ability, of course Moskov has advantages in a team fight in Mobile Legends. Of course there are many advantages and disadvantages that you can get from the Moskov hero which we will review below.

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide an explanation for the advantages and disadvantages of the Moskov hero in a gameplay game in Mobile Legends. Now for those of you who are user marksman, see the full explanation according to my experience playing Moskov Mobile Legends.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Moskov Mobile Legends

Every hero that you can play in Mobile Legends actually has its own advantages and disadvantages, now especially for the Moskov hero, here I will review below.

Moscov advantages

  1. High Attack Speed
  2. The Ultimate Profound Attack
  3. Very Strong in the Late Game
  4. Fairly Good Farming Ability
  5. Dealer Damage During Teamfight
  6. Good Escape Mechanism Skill

Lack of Moscov

  1. Quite Weak in the Early Game
  2. Mana Usage is Wasteful
  3. Small Basic Attack Range
  4. Very Rely on Positioning
  5. Requires High Accuracy

Not only that, Esportsku will also provide an explanation regarding the advantages and disadvantages of the Moskov hero according to my experience in Mobile Legends.

Moscow’s strengths in Mobile Legends

Strengths and Weaknesses of Moskov Mobile Legends (ML)

High Attack Speed

The advantage of the first Moskov hero lies in the ability to attack speed which is quite high. You can get this one ability from skill 1 which provides teleport to the front and increases the attack speed ability of Moskov. Not only that, you can also increase your attack speed by using build items to make it even faster.

The Ultimate Profound Attack

Next, Moskov has the advantage of the ultimate ability with the farthest attack distance. Yes, you can attack opponents even within one map with a throw of Moskov’s spear. But unfortunately, the use of this tombok has very high accuracy so it is quite difficult to hit opponents in Mobile Legends.

Very Strong in the Late Game

Moskov is a marksman hero who has a very strong advantage during the late game. The reason is when he reaches the late game, this one hero is even able to carry the team easily. Starting from a very strong attack speed, fast lifesteal, high damage that can kill the opponent’s hero easily.

Fairly Good Farming Ability

Unlike other marksman heroes when the early game Moskov had fast farming abilities. Usually, other marksman heroes need a tank hero who covers him when farming at the beginning of the game, but it is different from Moskov who is able to solo farming buff even at level 1.

Dealer Damage During Teamfight

Moskov will be the best damage dealer when team fight. This problem is one of Moscov’s strengths that you should note. With the ability to attack Moskov being able to beat opponents who are even behind the lineup, Moskov’s spear attack will penetrate up to three opponent line ups at once.

Good Escape Mechanism Skill

The ability of the escape mechanism skill is also present in this one hero, as a marksman, of course this skill is a mainstay when teamfight. You can easily escape from your opponent’s attacks by using skill 1, the function itself is similar to flicker and fades when the team fight starts.

Lack of Moskov in Mobile Legends

Strengths and Weaknesses of Moskov Mobile Legends (ML)

Quite Weak in the Early Game

Moskov is one of the heroes who is quite weak in the early game, different from other heroes like Kimmy or Wanwan who have pretty good mobility and high damage. Moskov is spelled out not having significant damage before becoming quite strong items such as Endless Battle and others.

Mana Usage is Wasteful

Many Moskov users complain about which usage is quite wasteful for hero marksman. Yes, Moskov very often uses his first skill all the time, this makes Moskov very wasteful of using which in every gameplay. That’s why we recommend that you use which regen in the build that Moskov uses.

Small Basic Attack Range

You need to know, for the problem of the range attack of the Moskov hero, it is fairly small. To attack your opponent, you have to be very close to your opponent so that Moskov can issue a basic attack, this is a drawback because the marksman hero who relies on good positioning, of course the closer, the more dangerous.

Very Rely on Positioning

The next weakness of Moskov is in the position when playing in Mobile Legends. Of course this is one of the drawbacks for all marksman heroes, where you must always be active to keep your distance from your opponent when playing in Mobile Legends.

Requires High Accuracy

Especially for the ultimate skill of the Moskov hero, you must use very good attack accuracy. To use the moskov spear appropriately, you have to move quickly in seeing the position of the opponent (mapping) and the cellphone it has, when lawa is dying, release the Moskov spear with good accuracy if you want to get a kill. This usage is indeed quite troublesome and difficult to master for beginners.

So that’s it for a review of the advantages and disadvantages of the Moskov hero in the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully the reviews above can be useful especially for those of you who are Moskov users. Enjoy playing and see you soon!