Support Crowd Control in Mobile Legends, Core ML Controllers!

With so many choices of roles in Mobile Legends, of course, there are also many choices you can play. Starting from the core hero like the role of marskman mobile legends, assassins, and mages to non-cores like support and tanks, you can play. Of course, everyone has their respective duties which you can prioritize in Mobile Legends. This time you will find Support Crowd Control in Mobile Legends which is a sub category of support roles.

The important role is not only the core in Mobile Legends. Even though the core will be your carry, but without support they won’t be able to work properly. Support in Mobile Legends is also very diverse that you can use.

With support, your games will feel lighter and smoother. Lots of tasks and advantages when playing with the mobile legends support role. The most important thing is the space creator which will be used by other players. With this, your game will be more consistent with support.

Here we will explain about Crowd Control support for mobile legends. Support CC is a very useful role for the team. With CC support, your game will be easier, both from laning, ganking, to team fighting. CC support is very valuable.


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CC in Mobile Legends in general, there are many types. The most common CCs are stun, slow, and silence. Actually there are still many types of CC in Mobile Legends and these can be used fatally for other players. With CC support, you will have a higher profit.

CC can be used for many things. The most common thing is to get kills from both gank and teamfight. With the use of the right CC, the enemy will not be able to move, which can be used by other team members.


Role Mobile Legends Support CC lock is a very risky hero but has a very high reward. They can lock on to opponents and even make the match 5v4. With CC lock, their one important hero will not be able to move. It is very important if used properly.

Their items usually purchase either full sustain or utilities. Usually these heroes will buy utility items which will be very useful for their entire team later. For example, with a high CDR, their lock will be more efficient and often used.


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CC mages usually have higher damage built with other supports. This is quite useful for increasing the damage to their team which usually support does not have reliable damage. Besides having damage, their CC type is usually better and more consistent.

Can buy utility items, but some are only aiming for CDR and the rest are for full damage. With high damage, the team will benefit from damage from support which can be very useful and effective.


Support CC utilities usually don’t have a very strong CC like other CC support. But they have advantages over other uses. For example, Carmilla, even though her CC is not that high, her ult can even be combined with other heroes. This is because the hero utilities need another hero to make it even more dangerous.

As the name implies, by purchasing utility items, of course they can be useful for their team. These heroes are indeed suitable to be played with a compact team which can be effective and efficient when played.

That’s the CC support hero in Mobile Legends that you can use. These heroes are very effective and very consistent to use and very strong when played in a very good team. With the CC hero support, the core hero will be more comfortable.