Team T1 Dota filled with InYourDream and Jhocam

Team T1 is an esports organization from South Korea. The organization that was formerly known as SK Telecom is very well known in the LoL area, and this time they are expanding to the DOTA2 scene. This time the Dota T1 Team was filled with InYourDream and Jhocam, both of whom came from Indonesia

Team T1 is not a trivial team. This organization is very strong in the LoL scene. winning LoL Worlds three times is not easy. Looks like the T1 team wants to bring fresh air and an aura of victory from LoL to Dota2.

There is interesting news from this T1 team. Recruiting senior South Korean players, FoREv. T1 also filled this team with various international players. Good news for you fans of the local and Southeast Asian scene, InYourDream and Jhocam officially joined the T1 team according to the DPC team registration.

The entry of InYourDream and Jhocam!

inyourdream jhocam t1

Black ^ also accompanied FoREv as a senior player on the team. With 4 different nationalities, it is very likely that this team will take part in the Asian qualifiers because 3 players from the T1 team come from here. qzxuan is an interesting player. This Canadian rookie player played for the Demon Slayer team.

  • Muhammad “inYourdreaM“Rizky
  • Tri “Jhocam“Kuncoro
  • Yixaun “qzxuan“Guo
  • Dominik “Black ^Reitmeier
  • Lee “ForevSang-don

IYD has long been rumored to be playing on different continents. There are lots of rumors that he will play between the East Asian or European teams. And this news has a point too. IYD, who now plays with FoREv for the South Korean organization, verified it.

Once a Teammate

Jhocam has since split from PG. Barracx has had no rumors like IYD. Jhocam has also played with IYD in the BOOM.ID team.

Although it has not been officially announced, but with the in / out of the DPC system, it has been largely confirmed that this team will be competing shortly in the official Dota2 match.

Many speculated that the captain of this team would be either Black ^ or FoREv. These two players have proven to be leading their respective previous teams. With these 2 senior players and 3 rookies.

It looks like a formation for an organization that started building Dota 2 teams back from scratch without a whole team buyout. This strategy is also used by Cloud9 with their newest Dota team.